Week 14 – (Aston’s Specialities)


Finally reached Week 14. 

Updates: Saw gynae 2 days back and got a “cleaner” bill of health. Save a small blood clot, all looked good. Baby was still bouncing up and down. Yet to feel the movements; can’t wait! 🙂 Took last jab and scheduled to go back 3 weeks later. Am I glad not to have anymore jabs!!! 😀

So.. to “celebrate” the end of my painful jabs, I asked Kim to bring me for a good meal. Decided to try Aston’s Specialities across the road (East Coast Rd) as we have never been there before. There wasn’t much queue as we were early. Thank God; otherwise I got to queue with my painful a**. 

As expected, food was acceptably good and value for money. Of course, we aren’t expecting a Morton’s slab of beef steak but it was tasty enough to warrant a second or even third visit. Instead of paying say, $5 to $7 for dry and flaky hawker western food, I think Aston’s does a better job here! 

Kim ordered a black pepper steak, medium-rare (his all time fav) with sides – baked potato and coleslaw. Verdict: Steak is good enough (for the price u pay), baked potato doesn’t come with sour cream but butter (thus drier), coleslaw – ok. 

I ordered a black pepper chicken with sausages with pasta salad and mashed potatoes. Verdict: Chicken is lean enough for my taste buds now and black pepper sauce is just nice. Sausages came in a generous serving and firm enough (not too much fatty meat as well).

Pasta salad – ok; dressing not too oily. (but Kenny Roger’s pasta salad has more oophm in them; pity they didn’t serve marcoroni cheese like Kenny’s! my all time sinful fav too!). 

Mashed potatoes with brown sauce – not made from fresh potatoes; taste-normal. 

So overall verdict: 

3.4 to 4/5 stars for taste (depending on what you order) 

4.5/5 stars for value for $$$! We spent a total of $23.90 (as described above + 1 caffeine-free root beer!) Definitely worth a try if you haven’t been there before. You bet I will be back. 🙂 



Mine - black pepper chicken, sausages, mashed potatoes and pasta salad. (Sorry, I was so hungry that I took a few bites before taking this photo; presentation was better before this!)

Mine - black pepper chicken, sausages, mashed potatoes and pasta salad. (Sorry, I was so hungry that I took a few bites before taking this photo; presentation was better before this!)


Kim's steak with sides - baked potato and coleslaw

Kim's steak with sides - baked potato and coleslaw

8 thoughts on “Week 14 – (Aston’s Specialities)

  1. Hi eve… yeap! still with that hospital or rather medical centre, working for a group of oncologists. thanks! hope you’ll be able to cope well with ur work. keep in touch yea! 🙂


  2. heyhey… Congrats! especially for passing the 1st trimester! It’d be a breeze now!

    Just heard you had a blog, then heard you’re preggie, then saw ur blog link in Em’s blog. So ta-da… here we are!

    How’re u feeling now? Everything sounds good, esp the appetite! 🙂 hehe… If you need anything, please let me know: any questions, any worry. i can be ur free consultations for gynae and PD issues!


    • Hullo Jiahui! 🙂 Thks thks. 🙂 Yes, was a tougher 1st trim if u read my earlier entries. But now tons better. 🙂

      This blog pretty came about ‘cos I had too much time at home and decided to “talk” to the internet. hahaa.. honestly, not quite a blogger person in me. But a good source of keeping in touch with friends, I realised. 😀

      I heard from Juner that u and edmund are big experts on gyn and PD issues! Can imagine so; especially after reading your blog and with 3 kids.. am sure u are an expert by now. haaa. Do share yr tips with this new mum-to-be! 🙂


  3. Hey Eve! How are you? Remember me? Leny here. stumbled upon your blog n found out that you’re pregnant… CONGRATS! though i may be a little late… read thru ur pregnancy stories, God is indeed good. May God continue to protect ur baby n you ^^


    • hullo Leny,
      Of course I remember u! 🙂 Thanks for well-wishes- never too late! 🙂 whereabouts are you working now? Last I remembered is at the hospital? Nonetheless, hope you are keeping well too! 😀


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