Week 15 (tummy or bb growing?)

ok.. quick post here.. a little tired to write too much. Just started work this Monday; exhausted and felt that I am not getting enough rest! (Of course, b’cos I am not taking afternoon naps anymore!!)

Wanted to write something about week 15 before it flies pass! 

Not sure if my tummy is growing b’cos BB is growing or I am just having my appetite back. Eating habits resume to pre-1st trimester now; thus gaining weight and I think fats? 

Anyhow, here is a pic of my tummy about 15+ weeks. Most tell me I look preggy now! I told them – I think this is 50% fats and 50% BB. haa..

P.S: change skin of blog to black to make pics look brighter and changed the pregnancy’s ticker on the right. Love the bright colors and the cheeky captions! 🙂


Tummy size at week 15

Tummy size at week 15

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