Week 19 – scorching desert

I have finally arrived at the half way mark of my pregnancy.  BUT it seemed a long long long time already! Not sure if any preggies feel the same as I do – but maybe ‘cos my pregnancy seemed plagued with issues… 😦  

I am back to R.I.B this week. REST IN BED – the gyn said. Episodes of bleeding came back again and I am back to the usual regime of injections, resting, not moving and restless nights. Difference is that maybe I am more “prepared” and know what to do/expect. Nonetheless, these issues never fail to worry me still.

During one of my sleepless nights, I dreamt that I was in a scorching desert – desperately looking for an oasis, some water to quench my thirst. Thirst for normalcy , thirst for a refreshing swim in an ocean. I am just so “burnt” by the ongoing stress my body is subjecting BB and me to. More emotional than physical I guess.

I prayed God – let me return to my feet again – let me soar again… don’t scare me anymore. 



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