Week 20 to 21: In and Out .. of hospital

Yes.. I was in and out of hospital again this week. Cause: Heavy bleeding and cramps (AGAIN). Kim had to rush me into hospital in the middle of the night after we called gyn for her advice. As usual, got a jab and rested in bed. Some nurses recognised me – “didn’t you just left??” – yes.. I gave a tired smile. What do you want me to say? “I missed you all; so I am back to visit earlier than expected?” ok.. me and my grumpy attitude coming out. 

I don’t understand – I didn’t stepped out of my house, I didn’t move much at home, I didn’t do anything wrong!!!!! WHY?? Why must this happen to me time and time again? It is really one emotional roller coaster – not just for me but for Kim and mum as well. Of course, we are exhausted; but we are reminding bb everyday to stay strong and healthy – we love him and we can’t wait to see him (not too early of course!).


This time round.. there isn’t any novelty in a hospital stay anymore. The food doesn’t taste as great anymore… think I am just “over” it – I wanna go home! boo boo… 😦


Lots of friends are reminding me to stay positive and think happy thoughts. I am; I am trying.

A friend just told me that her little girl was down with hfmd recently but all she wanted to do was to play! haa.. this reminded me that actually kids are really innocent and most of the time do not see problems the same way as adults. They possess a sense of innocence and “care-free-ness” in them to actually overcome the sicknesses or problems without magnifying them.

I realised this is the same as the little one in me. Though this is not the first time I am experiencing severe bleeding and cramps; it always seemed that he is perfectly fine (kicking and moving actively) whenever gyn does a scan during our “emergencies”. It seemed that he is oblivious to what is going on around his “house”!! Whatever bleeding, whatever placenta detachment, whatever cramps – he always looked so happy swimming in his “pool”! When his parents are worried sick, he never failed to comfort them with his innocence. 🙂


Yes, stay positive, think happy thoughts, look at happy babies’ pictures, remind my little one to stay strong and healthy. 🙂



praying boy

my all time fav pic - i titled it "the praying boy"



8 thoughts on “Week 20 to 21: In and Out .. of hospital

  1. Hi Eve,

    Just came back from Korea, and my wife filled me in on your situation.

    Really hope that u will get to see the doc soon!

    Praying for u,


  2. Don’t know how I can help. Keep your life/food/activity/…. as simple and ‘normal’ as possible. Put all the electronic gadgets a distance away, including handphone, computer…. Stay away from ‘poisonous’ food – crabs, prawns, oysters, ……


    • thks.. yes – keeping life as “normal” as possible. Actually not so “normal” for me to lie in bed the whole day! but getting as much rest as possible. 🙂 no ‘poisonous’ food either.. mum buys/cooks for me almost every meals now. 🙂
      doing everything ‘right”. trusting it will only get better. thks for concern! 🙂


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