It is one of my favourite season of the year! DURIAN SEASON!!!!! And I thought I am gonna to be missing it ‘cos I am stuck in the hospital and also preggies are not supposed to eat too much of them ‘cos of the high sugar content… just when I thought I can use pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything and everything! 😦


BUT… I am not overly disappointed ‘cos I had 2 seeds of durians  over the weekend (yes, in the hospital!) haha… 🙂

And they are not ordinary durians! They are…







Guess what, my mum managed to smuggle 4 seeds of durians here to “pamper” me a little! Kim and I was so worried about the smell, thus we gobbled them down in record time!

Verdict: It tasted as good as a D24 type of durians without the harmful preservatives! The seeds are small and flesh are thick! Yummy! I can have more! BUT it comes with a hefty price tag – Mum paid $15 for 10 seeds of organic durian. And $3 just disappeared into my tummy without allowing me more time to savour it!! Worth trying it again next round… though I suspect I will rather pay less to eat more durians! 😛



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