Touched….by an angel

Yes.. really touched, moved by an angel – a 4th year medical student, Wai Jia. There had been scores of medical students interning at KKH and since I am a “permanent resident”  here, doctors and nurses love to refer the students to me for a case study chat. I don’t mind and actually welcome them ‘cos I sincerely hope they can perhaps learn something and be “doctors-with-hearts” in the future. Due to my long stay here, there are tons of doctors who attended to me (I am not seen by a specific doctor ‘cos I am in a subsidised ward). I came to realise that there are good and bad doctors! haa.. realism hits – ‘cos I grew up with the naive mindset that all doctors are supposed to heal and make people feel better. But my experience here really showed me that doctors are human after all.. some with lower EQ than the rest, unfortunately. 😦


Ok – Back to the “angel”- Wai Jia. She is one of the last medical student who came and approach me to share my story. Like many before her, they don’t dare to bring all the tough questions out till they knew I was comfortable to share. I had repeated my story umpteen times, so I knew what the students were looking for – how it happened, why it happened, where it happened etc etc…. Many took notes diligently. So I was a little surprised that she didn’t really take down as much notes as the rest before her.


As the conversation progressed, I realised that she was listening with her heart rather than just notes-taking! I assumed that she should be a Christian by the cross she wore on her neck. Normally, I won’t “over share” my beliefs and faith till I know the other party is comfortable – just didn’t want to appear flaky or unreal to the “real” world. Not sure why, but I felt really comfortable enough to share with her the spiritual aspect of this whole ordeal (something which I didn’t really share with the rest of the medical students ‘cos I am not sure if they will understand).


This “angel” is really so sweet. She listened and responded attentively. She prayed for me and Xi En before she left. 2 days back, she came let me know it was her last day of attachment here,wished me well and prayed for us again. She left me a really sweet letter which gave me a link to her blog too.


Letter from Wai Jia


After reading her blog, I came to realised this young girl is so amazingly full of drive, hope, faith, intelligence and a mission in her life. She wrote a really touching entry on her blog about Xi En – which made me tear and appreciate the blessings of God in my life. 🙂 I have taken the liberty to attach her entry below for easy reading. Please refer to her blog for all references.



Xi En

” Do you… worry about your child?” I asked in slight trepidation. She was very open about her situation, but still, I decided to tread carefully.



“Yes, sometimes. But I tell myself every single day is a miracle. God’s mercies are new every day!”

When she said that, I simply looked at her in amazement. The membranes in her womb had ruptured prematurely at 21 weeks (just mid-point of the full-term pregnancy of 40 weeks), and her baby was very possibly in great danger. She had an amniotic fluid index of less than 1, when the normal levels should be between 6 and 11. She had been seen by numerous doctors, and all but one gave her hope of her unborn child surviving. They had told her that her chances of getting past 24 weeks were slim and she ought to be mentally prepared for the worst, but here she was, still happy, smiling and going strong at 27 weeks. She was radiant, glowing with joy and had one hand on her tummy. The neonatology team had just seen her, to counsel her and her husband of the possibilities of having a child with severe abnormalities such as growth restriction, musculo-nervous problems, lung problems or cerebral palsy, what you may call in layman’s terms a spastic child.

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“Yes, at times… But who but God knows the outcome of my child? He still has a chance- Dr W said so.”

In light of the gloom and doom of the situation, her words almost seemed foolish, naive, even. But weren’t her words true? And who are we to deprive an unborn child a fighting chance at life?
Her positivity and radiance was sincere, with no sense of hypocrisy or putting on a front. “I’m going to name him Xi En.”

Xi En. It means “hope” and “grace” in mandarin.

Later on, as we chatted more and became more comfortable, I broached the question, “And did any of the doctors ever mention to you the possibility of… terminating the pregnancy?”

She laughed. “Oh yes, one doctor did, and I think my reply shocked her. Why would I even consider that? This is my child- my husband and I planned for him, he was a planned pregnancy. He has a heart which is beating inside me now, he is a life- how can I even think of terminating a life?”
He was a Planned pregnancy. Those two words shall never hold the same meaning for me again. I always thought babies were made quite easily-you get married, you do happy things and wala, you get a baby, easy-peasy right? I am learning, it is not quite so. Family planning is exactly what it is-it takes time, effort, consideration, and a lot of prayer and hope. And when those hopes are threatened, it can be very difficult to accept.

Little did I know that while she had been warded in that room for months, clinging onto every morsel of hope for her dear child, with more and more hope each day as her chances of delivering her baby rose, just upstairs was a ward full of patients, admitted for planned abortions. Amidst them, lay a twenty year-old girl who had met a “bad man”, now jailed for having sex with his ex-girlfriend, a minor. In the next room, lay another lady younger than me who had a two year-old child and who wanted an abortion because “my husband and I are not ready for more kids at this point. We’re unprepared. This is not planned.”


Perhaps it was the contrast of it all which startled me. One floor below lay Mdm H who would do anything for her child to see the world, for her Planned pregnancy to work out. One floor above her lay Mdm A who wanted out because her situation was not Planned.


And I wanted to cry when I read Mdm A’s medical notes, for I found copies of her ultrasound scans which showed not one, but two signs of life within her. She was aborting twins.



Downstairs, lay Mdm H, desperately holding onto the dear life of her unborn child, even though there was a chance of him being abnormal or sick, simply because she believed in the sanctity of life and God’s gift to her. I thought about the discussions she and her husband might have had, the months of them planning and trying to conceive, the joy of knowing she was pregnant and now… this. And upstairs, lay Mdm A, wanting to abort her twin babies because “they just weren’t prepared”.

Oh the craziness of this world.

It reminded me, that for all our dreams and plans, there is only so little within our control. Yet, hope is always available and in times of trial, it is our umbilical cord to God, a symbol of trust of His Best Plan, even though we might not know what it may be. Mdm H was willing to accept the outcome of her baby, whatever it was, because she knew it was right to put her hope in God.

On the other hand, when we try to control too much of our lives according to our own plans, disasters can happen- we terminate our lifelines to God, we abort our hopes in Him. Mdm A’s eyes were filled with grief, her face blank with despair. Somehow, something deep inside turned restlessly, refusing to give her peace.

I was reminded, that for all our plans in life, we ultimately have to surrender to the Plans of God. A lot of times I worry about the future, about medical missions, purpose, life partner etc-but I am learning, that instead of simply erasing these concerns from our minds (which is hardly possible anyway) or giving up on those dreams, there is place for holding on to them and hoping for the best. There is place to hope for God’s plans to unfold His way and in His time.
Hope, because it gives us life; hope, because it produces faith and because God’s grace often surprises us in ways unimaginable, if we are patient enough to wait; and hope, because, as Mdm H says, every dream deserves a fighting chance.

Xi En. Hope and grace. In times of darkness, there is always room for hope.


Hope does not disappoint us,

because God’s love has been poured into our hearts

through the Holy Spirit

that has been given to us.



-Romans 5:5

“For we are saved by hope:

but hope that is seen is not hope:

for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?


But if we hope for that we see not,

then do we with patience wait for it.”


-Romans 8:24-25

Wai Jia – if you are reading this, thanks for crossing my path and being such a blessing. 🙂 Continue to pursue your dreams! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Touched….by an angel

  1. Jiayou, we’re cheering for you ya. Was reminded of my friend actually, she mentioned that she was smaller than the size of 2 palms together when her mum gave birth to her… Now she is a designer in Creative! 🙂

    On another note, you should print this blog post big big and frame in at the entrance of your door for all doctors to see! Really reminded me not to be so harsh/ “professional” with my students too…


    • thks winlow! we are still jia-ing u. 🙂 I don’t happened to have a door at my ward … but yes.. totally agree that doctors should be more “human”. haa… 🙂 btw – didn’t know u are a lecturer! So interesting.. must catch up next time! 😉


  2. Dearest Evelyn,

    Just want you to know that you’ve been a great blessing to me. What you wrote has really encouraged me a lot- as very often I know I fall short and only God’s grace is sufficient for all terrible foibles we make… be in at hospital or in interactions with patients…

    Your patience to go through your story over and over with the hope to bless others is really remarkable, and a testimony in itself! And I’m just amazed by yr faith through it all.

    Will remember what you have blessed me with and try my best in God to be the doctor He has called me to be. Thank you for crossing my path and for inspiring me too 🙂

    Do take care at the ward. Will be praying for you and your family.

    Wai Jia


  3. Hi Eve, indeed finding a name for baby is not an easy task. Especially, when you want to make it a significant, meaningful one… Xi En is a fabulous name and it relates to exactly how you and Edwin felt & bond with the baby. This makes it extra special and a good tale to tell him when he grows up. I am looking forward to Xi En’s arrival! See you soon!


    • Yes, vonne.. naming bb is not easy but having one is even harder! haaa… Let me know when you confirm your bb’s name too! U jia u also.. about 6 more weeks for u ya? Jia u! 😉


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