Week 28+: Life @ KKH

We have finally made it past week 28 – entering the 3rd trimester!! 🙂 Finally… This is considered a great achievement for our miracle baby! 🙂 (We were here since 21+ weeks!). Till date, I have been at KKH for 1.5 months and counting…. So far, baby is keeping up well with exception of what-we-pray-will-be-a-minor-issue – pericardial effusion. Drs are targeting to deliver baby at week 34. That’s roughly another 5 to 6 more weeks to go. Though baby will still be pre-term at that stage, it is deemed as the best compromise between full and pre-term. We are counting down…… to the best possible results. 🙂


Some photos to share about my “interesting” life here.

  Days of my life: drips, blood tests, scans and ctg readings:

  combine 1


Daily Essentials – Mini fan for the hotter days and hot water warmer for the colder nights:

combine 2



My daily meals and some “comfort” pillows from home:

combine 3


last but not least.. a really chubby-in-need-of-a-hair-cut-and-some-make-up me! Kim has to constantly remind me that I am starting to look like Mr Kerropi – the frog!!!! Really!~


combine 4


P.S: Special thanks to all who have been praying constantly, bringing us yummy food from outside, magazines, books to entertain me and etc etc that touches my heart! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Week 28+: Life @ KKH

  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Thanks for your well wishes…my birthday wish is for you deliver Xi En safely and when he grows up I’m going to tell him how brave his mummy is. Mikayla can’t wait to play with him 🙂


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