SCN – Learning Centre for Preemies


Xi En had been transferred to another department of the SCN (Special Care Nursery)– the learning centre for preemies. Here, there are fewer nurses ratio to babies; I guessed it might be because the babies here are supposed to be more stable and ready to progress further. Anyway, we are happy that Xi En had moved on and is learning the “suck-breathe” coordination. He is currently on 5 minutes “training” every feed; but we witnessed that it really depends on whether the nurse on the duty is willing to spend quality time pacing him on. Thus, every time we are there, we make sure we are feeding him since we can definitely focus all the attention on him. Today is Kim’s turn:


Kim feeding Xi En

Mentioned earlier, Xi En can really make himself heard nowadays. See the evidence below:


Xi En crying



And immediately after we gave him the specially bought NUK pacifier:


xi n pacifier

Well.. whatever it takes to calm him down. 🙂

4 thoughts on “SCN – Learning Centre for Preemies

  1. HuiWen Sis,

    Hello, I’m like so late…
    sorry about it. Heard a lot about yr newborn,
    was quite tied up with NS stuffs.
    Really anxious to meet him soon!

    Anw, Hoping it’s not too late. Congrats once again.
    He’s really cute!

    Glad to hear that he’s growing up well. Will be hopping by yr entries often! :]

    Meanwhile, Take good care of yourself!


  2. Wow.. ethen sure is looking good!! & ahem, vocally v strong too.. haha.. i can’t wait to hold this miracle baby.. will pray that he can go home soon =)


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