Innovative Daddy

“Fathering” methods from a newly minted father:

If you need to work on a laptop and feed your baby at the same time:

kim feeding ethen

To achieve the above, use a special contoured pillow. A closer look (one hand is freed up to do your work!):

feeding xi en 3

To catch up on your sleep, sleep when baby sleeps (avoid treacherous positions though!):

sleeping on daddy

Last but not least, to make sure your baby doesn’t forget you when you go on a long business trip, do the maori :):

doing the maori

10 thoughts on “Innovative Daddy

  1. He is looking very cute! Cant quite tell who he looks like but saw his pix on godpa (ur dad in law)’s mobile the other day and saw that he has your eyes 🙂 cool. Looking forward to seeing him. Not sure when I can make a trip down doe.


  2. LOL, that is sooo cute 🙂
    Is that cloth diaper? I used to cover my girl with that, too. And the Maori kiss is really adorable, i like that 🙂


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