Poor boy, when we were cutting his fingernails, the thumb got into the way and .. OUCH!! This happened not once but twice – on the same thumb furthermore! 😦

Can someone tell me how not to end up like that?


plaster on thumb



8 thoughts on “Ouchhhh!!!

  1. Yikes…

    I was very hesitant at cutting Jay’s nails too! I used scissors (which I agree is easier)… but the soft nails… *shudder*… I confess I just let them grow till my sis sees and cannot take it. And then she will go and help me cut his nails. Hahaha!


  2. awww poor Ethan. it always happens and Fateha is always reminding me what i have done, by pointing the injured little finger many times. they’ll heal fast 🙂


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