I was busy… very busy… ok.. I was L.A.Z.Y! haaa… too L.A.Z.Y to update my blog. 😛

Back now. 🙂

Ever since I started on this real estate career, surprising I eased into the lifestyle (note not job) easily! It seemed to be good old flying days when I can sleep at odd hours, shop when no one is at the malls, eat when restaurants are off-peak hours and etc etc…. BUT it ain’t so!!!!

Instead, my routine became as such:


6 to 630am (or if I am lucky, 7 to 730am): Xi En wakes up and starts rolling around in his cot and before long starts crying to be taken out of his cot.

730am till late (either 9pm or 10pm): Throughout the day, Xi En will feed every 2.5 to 3 hourly and nap every 2 to 2.5 hourly. So in between Mum and I will take turns to play (read: entertain) him, bathe him, rock his to sleep, change diapers and etc etc etc.. Amidst all these, I have to ensure I have some time to work on all the real estate cases on hand, catch up on emails and still not forgetting all my recorded drama serials which I missed! (yup.. still the drama serial queen here; motherhood or not!)

10pm onwards till 12 midnight: I will wait for Xi En to fall asleep really soundly in the yao lan, wash and sterilise all the bottles, prepare all his bed time essentials and then transfer Xi En to his cot.

12 midnight to 6+am: I will be very very very happy if Xi En sleeps through the night. But more often than not, he still wakes up once or twice for feeds.


So.. where do I find time to have a meal outside or shop for that matter! But well.. motherhood have chosen me or rather the other way round. 🙂 And giving up a full time career to be part of my baby’s growing years is still making sense thus far. I am enjoying changing soiled diapers,cleaning up a messy baby, tolerating a screaming baby motherhood to the max! 🙂


Many friends had asked if we should have hired a maid which we know that many had gone down that path. But at this stage we are still not keen to have hired help. Thus having mum over for the weekdays is really a blessing to me. She cooks Xi En’s meals and above all, she cleans up the whole house and does the laundry and ironing! What else can you ask from a grandmother! Ok.. now I look bad. But that’s also Mum just can’t stand the house being messy (whereas I can! :P). So she insisted doing up most of the household chores before the L.A.Z.Y daughter could do anything (excuses.. bleah..).


Anyway, updates of baby Xi En thus far: We just went for a follow up appointment at KKH with the PD, dietician and physiotherapist. PD had nothing much to say. Dietician said that Xi En’s weight gain is just 10% within the acceptable range for his corrected age. We were also suspecting so as he wasn’t much heavier than 2 months back. Xi En is 7.3kg as at 8 months corrected age. But interestingly, he does finishes up all his meals and milk! We really wonder where all the food goes! But we are not overly worried as long as he continues to have a good appetite. 🙂

As for the physiotherapist, she is not too happy to hear that Xi En is trying to walk before crawling. He is just so fond of standing up, bouncing, jumping and not crawling. Even when we gave him tummy time, Xi En will simply turn 360 degree on his hands and refuse to crawl. But he is so fond of the baby walker which we bought for him to practice walking. He is one expert baby walker now. However, the physiotherapist warned us against leaving him in there for too long as it is not allowing him to develop his truck muscles. She is still encouraging us to allow him to learn crawling first…. so back to the mats.

Other than the above, Xi En is doing fine for his corrected age. We are praying that he keeps up the weight gain and crawl soon! 🙂






2 thoughts on “L.A.Z.Y

    • Hi Shan

      Yes.. finally decided to get busy and start blogging again. 🙂
      Yup.. Xi En looks changing every day.. I also can’t figure out who he looks more like now. 🙂


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