It’s the season again!

It’s the season to eat durians again! Yummy! My favourite season! Just one year ago, I was stuffing myself silly with durians in an attempt to fatten the little one in me within the shortest possible time. Well.. it is quite obvious that most of the fats got transferred to me rather than the baby! x_x


Anyway, this year, the little one is here to get a taste of durian himself! Mum bought some organic durians and we decided that since it is “organic”, Xi En can have a taste of them! Furthermore, it is supposed to be rich in proteins, fats and carbo… definitely good for gaining weight! heee…..



The loot: Organic Durian!

durian 1



I want! I want! I want! Well.. Xi En pretty much reaches out to everything that he can put into his mouth:


durian 7


First taste of durian:



durian 3



1st reaction… Now is that nice or nice? :D:


durian 2



Swallowing it…:

durian 5



Ok.. I think I like it:

durian 6




Back for more! :

durian 4

Now I am sure Xi En will grow up to like durians like his Daddy and Mummy! Good habits to cultivate from young! hhaaa… 😀

4 thoughts on “It’s the season again!

  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Thank you for yr note on my blog… Just wanted to say Im really touched by your love and encouragement, and you know what… haha, I’m considering doing Paediatrics!

    Xi En is so so cute- oh my, you’re ‘corrupted’ him with durian!! 😛 hahah!

    I’m looking forward to seeing yr handsome boy this wednesday 🙂 🙂

    Hugs and love,
    Wai Jia


    • Hi wai jia,

      PD sounds good! I can bring xi en to consult you next time! 🙂 hope to catch u on wed. 🙂 meanwhile keep well. 🙂


    • Hi Jerb – ya.. nowadays everything can be organic! haa.. yes – even durians! basically it is the organic way they are being cultivated. 🙂
      They are not super expensive but still expensive in my opinion. Roughly $25 for about 18 to 20 seeds of durian.. so still about $1++ for each seed. consider that similar to eating one j-co donut! haa.. 🙂


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