Lasik Experience

Finally I went ahead with my Lasik surgery after much procrastination. I had wanted to do it since 2 years back but held back when I discovered I was pregnant. Thereafter breastfed Xi En for 9 months and decided it was time to do something for myself! 🙂 Well.. partly for Xi En as well (trying to find an excuse!) as I hated groping around for glasses at night when he starts crying. Furthermore, my degree of correction required was about 600 degree per eye. Enough to turn me into a blind bat without the aid of glasses/contact lenses.

So I took decided to JUST DO IT!!


Shortlisted the place and the doctor. Decided to go ahead with Singapore National Eye Centre and chose Dr Chua Wei Han upon recommendations from friends. Firstly, I had to go through a series of detailed eye examination in order to ascertain if I was a suitable candidate for Lasik.

Dr Chua said that I am! I asked him why so – and he said that as long as your cornea is thick enough to conduct at least 2 to 3 times of Lasik surgery, he will perform the surgery for me. So.. that is the definition… I was a little concerned (I don’t wanna go under the knife too many times!). He reassured me that generally after the operation, it will take at least 6 months for the eye sights to stabilise.


Anyway, I can’t be bothered anymore. Had been dreaming of being able to wake up and “see” my surroundings immediately. Nothing can deter me anymore. Thus I signed up for the actual surgery 1 week later.


Though I had read sufficiently about the procedures and after care and etc, I probably underestimated the surgery. Seriously, I thought it will be minimum pain and everything will be over in 5 mins. BUT after going through the entire process, I realised that I don’t quite like the feeling of having my cornea “flipped open” by a surgical tool. And the pain after the surgery can be liken to someone giving you a few heavy punches in your eyes!


Dr Chua reassured me that before long, I would have forgotten the pain and jump for joy for the prefect eyesight. Well.. that’s partially true. I didn’t quite forgotten the pain but yes, I love my new found perfecto eyesight!!!!


Pre Lasik, I was so dependent on contact lenses. Post Lasik, I felt so weird that I didn’t need to remove my contact lenses before bed! The joke is: once or twice, I forgotten that I had Lasik done and went in front of the bathroom mirror to do the usual take-off-contact-lenses-to-wash routine!


This is probably the best surgery I have ever done in my life! 🙂 Loving my eyes now! 🙂





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