Our inaugural F1 experience 2010

Ok – I know this is really a late post. F1 race is so long ago!!! But I was too busy to upload these. Here they are: 😛

Thanks to our good friend – Siangling, we had FREE tickets to the Sat Qualifying Race – Grand Prix Singapore 2010! It’s our first time heading down to the races though it had been in Singapore for 3 years. And it was still an experience being there in person!


We heard that though there are many F1 races around the world within the year, Singapore always ace with its elaborate “carnival-style” of entertaining the guests beside the race itself. It is really true to that point when we reached there on Sat. It was down right Singapore style of excellent road control marshals, smiling ushers, top entertainers (like Mariah Carey) and of course food galore! 🙂 The whole atmosphere was just so festive!


F1 scenes


Kim and I were very thrilled to be part of the whole event. Though it wasn’t even the finals, it was good enough for us to experience this! 🙂


My canon camera wasn’t fast enough to catch the vroommmmmming fast cars – the best it could do are below:


F1 cars 1

F1 cars 2



Conclusion: Best to leave the fast action photos to the pros! haaa….


As part of the tickets’ deal, we had a free ride up the Singapore Flyer as well. We had rode on it once in the daylight and the night scene was so differently enchanting too….


night scene 1



night scene 4

night scene 5

night scene 6

Overall it was a really enjoyable night taking in the scenes of F1 and marvelling at how fast Singapore skyline had changed. Till next year! 🙂 

Share with us your thoughts & comments! We love to hear them. :)

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