Drinking from a straw

image861170237.jpgIt might be a seemingly small achievement – but Xi En had just learnt to drink from a straw! This is after we used Mum’s tried & tested training method.

It is actually simple – we kept letting Xi En practice drinking from the other end of the straw. I.e. We will hold up some liquid from the other end of the straw and slowly release the pressure and let him suck/drink from that end. Gradually, he discovered that he had to suck in order for the liquid to flow through.

And then, we switch him to the correct end of the straw and one fine day, he just started sucking the liquid up!

His first sip from a straw …… is from a packet of Milo! Maybe the straw is small; just nice for his mouth. 🙂 It is my favourite snack drink too!

Small little milestones of Xi En’s life but all so BIG in his mummy’s eyes! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Drinking from a straw

  1. Haha! Jay’s first sip was from my sister’s bottle of “water chestnut drink”. What a milestone! 🙂 The small packs of milo are a God-sent. Just nice for little tummies 🙂


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