And we began 2011 with ….



Nebuliser 7 

The infamous Nebuliser!



Xi En fell quite ill for the entire last week of December 2010. This was his first prolonged fever, cough and flu. As typical worrying parents, we whisked him off to KKH when his fever reached 39 degree. We had his stool checked as well because he was having almost 2 weeks of diarrhoea. Thankfully he poop in time in the hospital for us to collect some of his loot for examination.

The funny thing is: 2 doctors stood together with us for a good 3 minutes staring at the pile of poo in his diaper and discussed if it’s anything worrying. I was holding the container and finally asked – “Do we want to collect some first?” I was becoming embarrassed with the aroma filling up the entire room!


xi en poo


After 5 days of using a fever patch, Xi En was too familiar with it and knew just where it should go.


After his fever subsided (Thank God! He was almost finishing up the entire bottle of Paracetamol!), Xi En started developing a very bad cough, lots of phlegm and an inflamed throat. At this age, he did not know how to spit out the phlegm thus making the situation worse. In the end, we brought him to the PD who said that Xi En is down with bronchitis and thus prescribed the nebuliser. 


The nebuliser makes its entry yesterday. And Xi En’s reaction: I couldn’t take a photo to fully demonstrate his agony. It took 3 of us to pin him down in order to administrate the nebuliser. For a light weight toddler, his struggling skill was amazingly quite strong (as commented by the nurse too!).


We tried giving him the mask to play with before we start the machine; in an attempt to let him get used to the mask.

*Trying to mask the reality*

He took it quite well as a plaything:

 Nebuliser 2


Nebuliser 3


BUT when the real thing kicked in, it’s something like this – all hell broke loose: 

Nebuliser 6


No TV programmes or even the trusty Iphone could comfort/calm him.

After the whole episode, a dosage of hugs and kisses is partially critical! 🙂


Nebuliser 4

Nebuliser 5


Xi En is now a lot better after the Nebuliser treatment. Prayfully, he will recover really soon. Our wish for the new year – that everyone will stay healthy especially Xi En!

Have a HAPPY & HEALTHY 2011 everyone! 🙂

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    • Hi Wui Ping, I heard many of my friends all rented the machine home.. in actual fact – one of my friend bought the machine (about $300+)! Guess your era and ours a bit different? heee… 🙂


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