Day at the Beach


Xi En is beginning to love the East Coast Park (but not the Beach!).

beach 9

It’s his BIG PLAYGROUND now.


We went there last week again. It’s the first time after Xi En can “fly with eagles’ wings” – i.e. run and run very fast!

We went with a picnic mat complete with breakfast. Smile :

beach 2


Xi En ran and ran – quite far away from where we were. Now he still comes running back. In time to come – I hope he still runs back to Mummy…..

beach 5


He was happy:

beach 1


Actually very happy:

beach 10



Decided to bring mummy’s slippers for a run too:

beach 4





We tried to build a sandcastle:

beach 8


That’s probably too ambitious. Only managed this:

beach 12


Because Xi En still do not like the feel of sand and sea water underneath his feet:

beach 7




Managed some nicer shots of with Mummy and Daddy:

beach 6


beach 11



We will be B.A.C.K! Wait for us – Sun, Sea and SAND! Smile Smile 

beach 13

One thought on “Day at the Beach

  1. Haha! It took a long while before Jay loved playing in the sand too… now sandplay is his fave in school! Still not a fan of the water and waves! Haha… so give Xi En time, I am sure he will grow to love playing with sand/mud soon! Haha!


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