5th Wedding Anniversary

We are married for 5 years. Park Tor (dated) for close to 9 years. So in total we knew each other for 14 years! But for us, it seems just yesterday that we were in junior college. Smile 

Ok… enough of self deceit in pretending to be young. Smile with tongue out

Our wedding anniversary is 29th April 2006. The British Royal couple (Will & Kate) decided it’s an auspicious date to get married too! haaa.. It’s interesting. Smile 

We spent a day out at the Sentosa Universal Studio. Every year before Xi En come along, we had been spending our anniversary-cum-my-birthday overseas. This is the 3rd year we did not travel. It had been sooooo long….That’s another story anyway.

It’s good to spend a weekday out there with Kim.

Singapore Universal Studio is nice; just not as big and entertaining as the The Walt Disney World in Orlando. We did all the usual rides save the frightening ones (read: exciting for Kim). I decided my old heart can’t take it anymore like the younger days.


Had lots of fun in the scorching sun! That’s me after the heart-in-your-mouth roller coaster ride; no more please….:


I went back to look at some old photos – of the days when we visited the Orlando Universal Studio and The Walt Disney World. Interesting to see how we have changed!

That’s us in Resort World Universal Studio 2011:


That’s us in The  Walt Disney World, Orlando 2005:


Please forgive our weird hairstyles! haaaa….

That’s us in Resort World Universal Studio 2011; in 3-D glasses:


And that’s us in Orlando 2005; in 3-D glasses again!:


haaa… lovely photos huh. Smile 

We ended the day at Brotzeit at Vivocity.

Love the beer and the pork knuckle!



And some ice-cream for sweet endings:


 Smile Dear… as we grow old together. Smile Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!


5 thoughts on “5th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anni Ed & Eve! Still so loving since SA days. Wishing you both many many beautiful years ahead! Aye, both faces still the same leh- Ant crawl up, Ant will slide down. =)


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