Review of Kanten Clay + A giveaway!

When Xi En was at the teething stage, we bought a Sophie the Giraffe for him. I wished that I had bought it for him earlier so he could have fully “enjoyed” it!


The friends from the same company – Sophie & Friends – sent along 2 pots of bright coloured modelling clay from Kanten Clay Studio. This clay is made in Japan using ingredients such as kanten (a type of agar agar/jelly), natural food colouring and brine.

The all-natural ingredients made it completely safe for young children and children with sensitive skin to play with. Even if accidentally consumed, it remains safe. Xi En licked his hands after playing when I didn’t noticed – this happen to many I am sure! Smile

Kanten Clay1

I love the little transparent pots they come in.

Kanten Clay2

This unique product is quite unlike those oil-based clays in the market now. It does not stick to the table/floor & thus does not leave an oily mark after play time. I laid a plastic table-cloth on the table only to realise there wasn’t a need to!

The clay might seemed hard on the first touch. But after seconds of kneading and moulding, it is extremely stretchable and pliable.

Kanten Clay10

Kanten Clay12

We took out the “tools” from his other dough play set and allowed Xi En to cut, mould and spread.

Xi En enjoyed cutting and making “mee hoon kueh” (tearing the clay into flat noodles-like shapes).

Kanten Clay3

Kanten Clay11

Your child can make anything imaginable.

A tip here: you can buy baking moulds instead of play moulds. The baking moulds at Diaso cost only $2 for a big pack of interesting shapes!

Kanten Clay8

Kanten Clay13

Kanten Clay14

Kanten Clay9

Kanten Clay16

Kanten Clay15

Kanten Clay comes in 7 colours and you can easily make a new colour by mixing two or more colours together. Good to teach kids on concept of mixing colours too!

Kanten Clay6

After turning 2 years old, Xi En is even more curious and active than before. Moulding clay “forced” him to sit still and play for a good 30 minutes. Experts (my mum for one) believe that such play brings out the creativity in kids and train patience at the same time! Smile 

You can buy or read more about Kanten Clay Studio here.



Sophie & Friends is kindly giving away Kanten Clay samples to one reader of this blog. Xi En enjoyed playing with this and we hope you will too!

To win this, please leave a comment on this post by next Monday, 15th August 2011. Winner will be picked randomly. Smile

9 thoughts on “Review of Kanten Clay + A giveaway!

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  2. I actually went looking for the clay today after reading your post yesterday but was disappointed not to find them.. Christien loves play doh but they dried up & become crumpy 😦 love your creative ideas to entertain Xi En 🙂 keep posting!! 🙂


    • Hullo Karen!

      Thanks for dropping by blog! It’s good to hear that the blog is useful to you! 🙂 Encourages me to blog more often! haaa.. .:) Hope you will be able to win this set for Christien! 🙂


  3. Hi Eve! Xi En so cute can! Nice clay! now that you can make Mee Hoon Kueh… Xi En, next time Aunty Er teach u how to make durians! haaa..


  4. Hihi, wld love to win these clay samples for my God-daughther Adara who is going 3 soon and CANNOT sit still playing! haha. Something like Kanten Clay which is safe even if accidentally consumed sounds like just the thing for her. Better to develop her creativity skills with rather than Iphone games. Hope I win!!

    Lisa C


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