What’s in a name

Naming no. 2 proved to be slightly more challenging than no. 1 this round.
I meant – you probably already chose your favorite name for no. 1… So if no. 2 is of the same gender; it’s slightly tougher isn’t it?

But of course, no. 2 is no less loved than no. 1. So Kim & I cracked our brain juices & came up with the following.

We wanted to keep the first alphabet “E” since it’s already running in the family. But nice boys’ names with “E” seemed so hard to locate. Or rather I can’t find any which sparked my interest.

I always liked “Isaac”. The sound & meaning of it just resonates with me. “Isaac” = “Laughter”
Good to have a smiling, laughing & cheerful baby. 🙂

Kim had a brilliant idea while we were brain storming :

“Eizac” – pronounced the same way as “Isaac”.
Haaa… I know- It’s a little cheesy but the name grew on us.

As for the Chinese name: we decided to keep the 恩 which is in his older brother’s name: 希恩 。
We wanted a name which tells a story & inspires baby in the future.
We came up with 凯 (kai3) as in “凯旋归来”。meaning: “returning with victory”

& so baby no. 2 will be known as
“Eizac Chen Kai En” "曾凯恩".

Darling no. 2 – we pray for good health, wisdom, laughter, & victory in your life! 🙂

N.b: seemed like Eizac can’t wait to see the world. Updating this in the delivery suite now. Looks like we will be meeting our baby boy earlier than expected! Now… what’s new? It seemed to run in the family.


Share with us your thoughts & comments! We love to hear them. :)

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