Art from the Heart–HeART Studio

I like the description of HeART Studio on their website.  “There is no RIGHT or WRONG in art but to allow our children to be special and create their special drawings with their heart”  Rena Chew – Founder of HeART Studio P5235234 My boy comes home from school with drawings often in weird colors. A rabbit in purple (his old favourite color), a giraffe in brown (his current fav color) or a robot in rainbow hues (i.e. he probably got impatient and just doodled all over).

Xi En is not a fan of drawing nor painting. It takes a lot of patience to sit down and complete an art piece; something which he is in much training of. But it’s very fine with me when he comes home with an orange tortoise drawing simply because he found out that red and yellow produces ORANGE color! I believed HeART Studio aims to expound on the innate creativity in the little ones and adults alike!  I was totally wowed by some art works on display at the premise. These were done by really young children! combined 1 And so, after donning make-up and baking cakes, SMB continued it’s 1st birthday celebration by showing up in the quiet corner of Thomson area; this time to paint like Vincent Van Gogh. Erm.. try to replicate his famous sunflower art piece I meant. The opportunity to experience acrylic painting on canvas is exciting to me! I had always wanted to try that in school but during my time.. the medium we used then were mostly only crayons and watercolors! The 2 teachers – Elma and Syafiq – are affable people and coached us systematically how to recreate our very own Van Gogh pieces. Throughout the 2 hour + session, they were very encouraging and patient with us mummies. P5235134 We were at a loss on how to start. I almost considered putting the print-out behind the canvas and trace it out! No – I didn’t do just that. But followed our teachers’ instructions we did…. some in more elaborated or relaxed poses than others: Pamela who blogs at Tan Family Chronicles: Can always count on her for this kind of shots! P5235170 And the “shake-legs” painter: Name cannot be mentioned here as per instructions. (can’t really see her face ya). “) P5235174 Step by step, we did the outline, choose our own colors, used Van Gogh’s signature short, quick strokes and finished off the painting with a layer of protective lacquer. P5235167 P5235181 P5235187 P5235245 P5235253 Honestly, it’s far from therapeutic for me as some mummies had described! I needed a massage after the session because of a stiff neck and sore back! But it’s quite an achievement to finish off something that looked like sunflowers! I left the place; proud of my master piece only to scrutinise it at home and started wondering why was there a mutant stalk sticking onto another stalk in my painting…. #_# Oh well! Art is different to individuals . No right or wrong heh. 😛 Our kind sponsor for this art experience – HeART Studio – offers classes for adults (2 to start off) and specialises in the on-going children classes for 3 to 12 years old. More information can found on their website. combined 2


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