Travel to Melbourne – Moonlit Sanctuary (The Mornington Peninsula)

This is a continuation of our Melbourne travelogue in Sept 2014. Yes, it took me ermm.. that long to blog this down!

This is the start of our road trip leg  which we rented a car to drive from Melbourne city towards Philips Island and back. We choose to do a pit stop at Moonlit Sanctuary en-route the way to Philips Island. And I am so glad we made this choice instead of heading to some caged zoo. This place is located in The Mornington Peninsula and some visitors might choose to plan a few nights stay in this location but we didn’t as we didn’t have enough nights.

I simply love this place because many of the animals are roaming freely in this conservation sanctuary. It was not difficult to navigate to the location with the use of a rented GPS from the car rental company.

There is a cafe within the same premise and we had a simple lunch here. Food was really simple staples and nothing to shout about. But it fills the stomach.

It will be advisable to have proper meals somewhere else before reaching here. But if not, at least the kids won’t go hungry.

We paid for our tickets at the counter which doubled up as an ordering counter for the cafe too. This is also the place where some of the caged animals are displayed. E.g. a python, reptiles, fishes and more. Honestly, these are not my favourites and so we whisked fast past these enclosures and went into the park inside.

There are “encounters” which you can pay a fee to experience. E.g. with a snake, a moment with the Koala and etc. Xi En saw a visitor with a ranger “encountering” a snake and he cannot resist but asked if he can touch the python too! I was miles away when he did that! Daddy took the following photo while I was standing really far away. The kind ranger and visitor allowed him a feel of the reptile which really thrilled him.

Oh, do remember to buy a pack of feeds from the same counter before you entered the park. Children and adults will enjoy feeding the wild animals later.

Some of the animals we saw upon entering:

Most of the kangaroos are actually as tall or even taller than an adult when they stand on their hind legs. They are mild in nature but just be careful of their powerful legs when they make a hop/jump! Eizac adored the kangaroos and till today, one of the few things he remembered about the Melbourne trip is “Eizac feed kangaroos”. 😀

Travel tip: It is a little difficult to navigate a pram/trolley in the park due to the uneven grounds. Best to leave it in the car and let the children walk or baby-wear for the younger ones.

We really enjoyed this place and will highly recommend it for children (and adults) to have close encounters with animals.

Do visit their website for ticket pricing and opening hours:

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Travel to Melbourne – Moonlit Sanctuary (The Mornington Peninsula)

3 thoughts on “Travel to Melbourne – Moonlit Sanctuary (The Mornington Peninsula)

  1. Thank you for sharing this on Travel Tuesday. Okay lah, not bad, you still managed to post this up within a year. I still haven’t blogged about my Hong Kong trip in 2013. Doubt I ever will. Hahaha…

    When I did a self-drive from Melbourne to Philip Island some time back, I also stopped by Mornington Peninsular. But we drove all the way to the tip where Fort Napean was. Wahahaha.. No kids then, could do whatever we wanted. If I ever wanted to do that again with kids, we would probably end up spending night at Mornington Peninsular like you said.

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