Book Review & Giveaway: JJ’s Science Adventure (Magnets)

When Aurelia, a former local primary school teacher, approached me to review her book – JJ’s Science Adventure – I was actually taken aback by her view about our local education system. She felt that “our education system has degraded” and  many parents “cry over their kids’ lack of motivation to study”. As such, she took a plunge to create a Science comic book that present Science in an entertaining and yet educational manner.

Now that Xi En is finishing up with Kindergarten 1, I am slowly getting a preview of the looming pressure and difficulties that our children will be going through once they enter formal education. It is just so different from my days. Yes, there were exams to pass and Science concepts to grasp when I was in school too. But it just seemed like the standards had been ‘upgraded” and our children are expected to learn ahead of the system. Honestly, I am not looking forward to primary school (for them).

And so, it piqué my interest when Aurelia email me snippets of her comic book on Magnets. This is the first of a series to come whereby she continues to develop more science comic books which are tailored for kids according to MOE syllabus. The general story line is about 2 main characters – Joyce and Jonathon – entering into adventures while being hampered by Mr Sinister & his minions. Aurelia’s next series will be based on the concepts of Heat & Light.

I was curious to see if Xi En might be drawn to the Science concepts when it’s introduced in a comic form. It is encouraging that lately, he had also been able to self read and enjoys non-fiction, general knowledge books.


The verdict:

He read cover to cover the day after we received the book in the mail. It was interesting enough for him to re-read it a few times.

He was drawn to the colourful illustrations and the comic format.

He laughed at some of the jokes.

He was curious about some of the Magnet concepts introduced and asked for them to be explained.

He could understand the simpler concepts such as there are 2 different sides of a magnet and that each of the 2 sides could repel or attract (This was reinforced with magnetic toys).

He couldn’t understand some concepts such as “magnetic field”  and “how to magnetize a rod”.

He was curious about the “Did you know” section at the end about MagLev train and MRI (additional bonus pages) and asked questions on them although he didn’t fully understand.

My personal take on the book is that it is a colorful read for preschoolers (5 to 6 years old) based on illustrations. But to get the best out of it, parents will need to sit by and explain the concepts or conduct “science experiments” to explain how it all works in simple words and actions. It is a good, curious start to exploration in Science for the young ones and worth it for parents to spend some time going through it together with them. This will be ideal for Primary 1 to 3 (7 to 9 years old) as they should be able to read more independently and yet the comic format will likely still be able to command attention. As for Primary 4 to 6 (10 to 12 years old), I think it will be more of a revision.

JJ Science Adventure retails at S$18.90 and you can buy them here at Harvest Edutainment. For more information, do check out their website here.

And of course, good things must share!

Thanks to Harvest Edutainment, we have 3 books here as a giveaway to encourage the exploration of Science!

Please enter using the Rafflecopter here. This giveaway is open to residents based in Singapore and limited to 1 winner per household. Giveaway ends on 11th November 2014, 12am.

Winners will be announced on Claude Dambreville Facebook page and on updated on this blog post too.

All the best! 🙂

P.S: A fellow mommy blogger (Ing) who is a former teacher also shared her review on this book and hosting a giveaway too at her blog (Inspirations). Check out her viewpoints here.

Updates: 13th Nov 2014

And the winners are:

Jess Koh

Cynthia Lau

Fang Wenli

Congratulations and thank you everyone for the participation! 🙂

N.B: We were gifted with a complimentary copy of the above mentioned book for review purposes; no further compensation were received. All opinions remain writer’s own.

No one warned me to bring tissues

Just 2 days back, I brought Xi En to a new pediatrician (PD) and after running through the history, the PD made a comment: “You experienced it all”.

“Huh?” I muttered.

“Oh-ya, He came a long way” was my next answer, thinking that the PD was referring to Xi En’s growing up years.

“No, you experienced it all. He won’t remember much of it” the PD reiterated

That’s when I stopped answering. I knew if I speak further, the tears will come. The memory bank with all the growing up journey of a preemie can bring down a storm.

But he’s quite right, we are the one who have experienced it all; a full weight of experience. It’s not easy; but then it’s not all too tough either. Compared to many others, we are blessed. Very blessed to have Xi En; without any lasting issues of his prematurity. If not for his bony built, most would not ask about his birth weight and story.

Now that’s not the story on tissues.

It was just a day before Xi En’s pre-school concert. He missed school on that day after waking up with a nose bleed, blocked nose, cough and the whole works.

After 2 visits to 2 different doctors (a Chinese one for Chinese herbs and a Western one for symptom medicine) and a full day of rest, we thought he would be well enough to perform at the concert.

But it seemed not so. After a long struggle, he slept at 430am and woke up at 8am on the day itself.

I am not sure if it’s pre-performance jittery or the effect of medicine.

He cited unwell reasons to absent himself from the afternoon concert. And he is sleepy. And he won’t be able to blow his nose while he danced on stage. And and and………

That are all facts which are undeniably true.

But we refused to give in….

Because after medication, Doctor Quack (aka. his Mom) said he is well to go for it.

Because we know that he might be finding an easy way out.

Because it is a battle he needs to fight on his own.

I thought I needed to bring guns and swords to force him to go out of the house. But surprising, after a shower, we were out of the house without much of a struggle.

Upon reaching the school hall, he was hurried into the backstage by the teachers before I managed to rattle off to his minders that he needs to blllloooowwwww his noooooosssseeeeee……….

Sigh… the endless worry warts a mommy has.

It is Xi En’s very first pre-school concert. He missed last year’s as he was really unwell with stomach flu.

We were determined that he don’t miss it this year. Not that we need to watch it. Not that we need to see him dance or sing. Not all that.

We want him to experience the fruit of his labor. All the practice hours and rehearsal put in just for a performance… He needs to see that as long as he persist and persevere, he can do it.

And he totally didn’t fail himself (and us).

Doesn’t matter if the dance moves were not coordinated;

Doesn’t matter if some steps were missed;

Doesn’t matter if he looks somewhat dazed out;

It was the most awesome performance I have ever seen in my life. THE VERY BEST!

And for this; no one warned me to remember to bring tissues.

My handsome young man is all grown up; it’s all too fast since his début to this world at 1.27kg some 5 years back.

He has come a long way and we are just so glad we “experienced it all” together with him.

Thank you darling for the perseverance to finish the performance. Daddy and Mommy has no words to describe how proud we are of you. * 2 thumbs up*! 🙂

photo 1

And we know we are not the only parent who felt that way; just by the most resounding claps in the theater; beaming faces and wolf-whistles; every seat is a proud parent/grandparent. 🙂

Way to go little fellow! Next year, I will remember to bring some tissues.


Waterplay with hot grounds? Poolzies to the rescue! (& an international giveaway)

Living in tropical Singapore, you get the sun up close and personal almost every day (except the monsoon seasons).

Sometimes it is just to close for comfort. In recent years, water parks sprouted up fast and furious in almost every new malls and public parks. It is just so cool to have them around for young children to have a reprise in the hot weather.

Unlike his older brother, Eizac is a water babe. He took to water (and water play) like a fish in water. Recently he insist having a bath toy every time he takes a bath and if he has his wish, he won’t ever end his bath time.

As such we warmed up to waterparks together with him. With waterparks, most are only open during day time when the sun is up. Perhaps like me, most parents might have encountered hot grounds at waterparks where they won’t allow shoes. Normally the kids will just hop around and douse water to ease burning soles. This happened to one such expat couple in Singapore as well. And that brought about the clever idea of introducing pool shoes – Poolizes.

Pia – the founder of Poolzies,  kindly sent Eizac a pair of lightweight Poolzies shoes which is made from Matt Nylon Lycra fabric (Australia) and anti-slip soles from Toughtek (USA).

It’s love at first sight for me as the shoes are well tailored (in Philippines) and the colors are bright and colourful.

Eizac tried these out at Gardens by the Bay waterpark recently and it is indeed a great product in my opinion.

I choose 18-24 months sizing for Eizac as he is about 19 months now. It looked longer than his feet but surprisingly it fitted snugly when he put it on at the park.

Besides it’s flexibility, I like it that the fabric also has a UPF 50+ protection from the sun. It’s almost like having sunblock on the feet while wearing shoes. Eizac didn’t resist in putting on the shoes; in fact at one point of time, we took off the shoes and he came running to me; pointing at his feet and “complaining” HOT HOT! I can imagine it’s must be really comfortable that he didn’t want to take them off besides the fact that the grounds were really scorching hot.

Poolzie 2

It is a shame though that we were told to take off the Poolzies Pool Shoes at one point of time as the security personnel said shoes are not allowed in the play area. I had to patiently explain it is not a regular shoe wear but a pool shoe designed to be used in the pool/wet areas. Still, we were told not to wear it (after I finished with my photos) regardless of what shoes they were. Probably due to the lack of such products in Singapore, the security is not inclined to allow pool shoes as the rest of the crowd might follow suit with their regular footwear. Hopefully in time to come, Poolzies will be seen more often in waterparks such that it will be a regularity and we won’t be shooed off while wearing them. :S


Poolzies currently stocks from 0 to 36 months in 10 different colors and designs at For the older kids and adults, there are plans to make bigger sizes in the future!

Do check out their website for more information on purchasing details.


And here is a splashing good chance to win a pair of Poolzies!

Poolzies had kindly sponsored not 1 but 2 pairs of  non-slip Poolzies pool shoes to be won in this international giveaway!

Here’s how to stand a chance walk away with these shoes:

1) Like Poolzies Facebook Page if you haven’t already done so.

2) Like Claude Dambreville Facebook page if you haven’t already done so.

3) Leave a comment on this blog post OR on this Facebook post sharing with us what features do you like best about Poolzies pool shoes. *hint* – read the blog post in more details or check Poolzies website.  Please include your kid’s age in the comments too. Reminder to also leave an email address so we can contact you when you are chosen as the winner. 🙂


This is an international giveaway; i.e open to all on earth who has a mailing address. 🙂 2 winners will be picked randomly; 1 who is based in Singapore and another anywhere in the world!

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, 15th Oct 2014, 12am (Singapore time). Check back on this post for announcement of winners thereafter.

*Special thanks to Poolzies for letting Eizac try out these cool pool shoes and sponsoring the giveaway!*

Poolzie 3Post updated:

And the Singapore-based winner is….. LENY! Congratulations! Poolzies will be in contact shortly. 🙂 Thank you for the participation everyone; please look forward to the next giveaway if you didn’t win this round.