Poulet–New Menu!

Media Invite/Food Review

If you have not heard of Poulet, it is a French-themed casual dining chain which had taken Singapore by surprise with it’s rapid expansion from it’s first outlet in Bugis+ in 2012. A total of 10 outlets (including an upcoming one in the new Kallang Wave Mall), it has totally changed the concept of French dining in Singapore.


Having travelled to Paris a few times previously, French cuisine gave me the impression that it’s expensive, small portions and can take a long time to be served! Perhaps with the aim to dispel such misconceptions, Poulet introduced quality French food at affordable prices.

In celebration of it’s 2nd birthday in Singapore, Poulet introduced a fresh look-menu and new entries too. We were kindly invited for food tasting at their Bedok Mall branch.



Coming to 5 years old soon, Xi En can read more words and enjoy ordering his own choice of food and drinks from the menu. He can go quite wrong sometimes with the orders but we allowed him to learn these independency skills and told him he had to finish up what he ordered! He’s still a small eater but anything with fries is a winner. Smile 

Good to note for parents: There are high chairs provided for young ones and plastic cutleries upon request too.

Sharing with you a few of my old favourites and some of the notable new delectables.


Mention French food and escargot comes to mind. I remembered for my first trip to Paris some 10 years back, I actually bought back a pack of frozen escargot as it was so foreign a dish to me then! Today, you need not go so far.

If you are adverse to the idea of eating snails, just think of it as clams, “hum” or “La La”. The texture is similarly chewy but key difference (which had us licking our fork and spoon) is the fragrant tangy almond garlic butter and tomato fondue. Go on, order half-dozen or more! Don’t worry, edible snails are farm-grown and not those crawling in your way after a heavy downpour. “P


Another 3 sides which are recommended: 

Truffle Mashed Potato ($5.90) – If you are a fan of potatoes, you will love this. If you are not a fan, you will be won over by the after-taste of truffle oil! I am a fan of both ingredients and so I loved this! A good choice as well if you have young ones (or older folks without much teeth!) in your company.

Salad De Canard Fume ($12.90) – Chopped Garden Salad with Smoked Duck Slices, Tomato, Pine Nuts and Orange Wedges tossed with Raspberry Dressing. Right mix of everything; a refreshing starter. I specially liked the citrus salad dressing and this hit the right note with me.

Ratatouille ($5.90) – Key note: It’s not cooked by a rat (pun totally intended!). Suitable for vegetarians and you have to like root vegetables to enjoy this classic French-stewed vegetable dish.

If you are a soup person, do pick up the Country Side Mushroom Soup ($5.90) – Cream of Wild Mushrooms and Idaho Potato (a variety of potato grown in the American state of Idaho). This is always the safest bet in any menu; and I’m glad that the chefs got it quite right with a creamy, starchy texture, bits of wild mushrooms and crunchy croutons.

The other one in the soup section is the French Onion Soup ($5.90). Unfortunately, the stock used for this soup is a little too salty for my liking. However if you must have caramelised French Onion Soup and love savoury items, it might be the right soup for you.


Next up is the exciting new mainstays in the new menu: Introducing Pissaladiere ($11.90 to $13.90) – simply put “French Pizza”. Commonly appreciated in France, this is an open faced pastry topped with generous portions of ingredients and traditionally served without cheese. I have a weakness for such crumbly, tart-like crust. It is lighter and crispier vs the Italian pizza dough. You can easily wolfed down 2 of these sizes! Most in our dining party that night raved about these. A clear must-try!



Mains (Plats Principal)

Ah ha, the stars of the dinner and Poulet’s signatures:

Poulet Roti with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce ($15.90 Half or $28.90 Whole). This is the dish which made Poulet famous and so, seriously don’t leave the restaurant if you never try this before. These tender chickens sit in a special marinate for a whole day and when served with the special chardonnay sauce, it is plate-licking-good! My only grouse could be a bigger serving! Open-mouthed smile Half chicken is seriously not enough for the dead-serious chicken lovers.

Poulet 4

Enter a new spin in the hot favourite above is Poulet Diane ($17.90 Half; $30.90 Whole). No change to the perfectly-roasted chicken except this is served with traditional brown sauce with bacon and mushrooms. If you are not a huge fan of the creamy chardonnay sauce, this will be good news. Browned chicken with brown sauce; it is an age-old pairing and really can’t go wrong with bacon and mushroom to boot! If you are eating with a crowd, order both or better – all 3 Poulet(s) on the menu to share. The other one which we didn’t sample is the Poulet De Cranberry (served in Cranberry sauce with double Pommery & Dijon Mustard). Photos on the website looks alluring too!

Though Poulet means chicken in French, that’s not all it offers as mains. We sampled another favourite in the group: Braised Pork Belly ($15.90). Ordinary it might sound but tastefully executed it is. The feel come close to our Chinese-style of braising but the mustard made it very French and a welcoming accompaniment for this dish. This is not the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly but I still enjoyed the chewy lean parts with the sinful fatty meat, messily eaten with the braising sauce and mustard. 

Poulet 6

For beef lovers, there is the Oxtail De Bourguignon ($15.90). Honestly, this is my least favourite of all the mains. Not the taste; not the texture. I wished there were no bones! To eat it like a fine lady is no mean feat. Thankfully the meat does slide off easily when you get around it, but it is a little embarrassing if I angled wrongly and accidentally flick some pieces of meat onto the face of my date! hahhaaa…  I prefer my beef as a steak or stew. Smile Not their speciality either but an alternative if you must have beef.


Seafood lovers do not need to fret. These is a new dish just for you – Halibut En Papillote ($17.90). Enveloped in parchment paper is a slab of fresh halibut fillet (no bones, yeah!) served with garden vegetables and white wine sauce. Rightly recommended by Jamie (the PR lady who hosted us for the dinner), you got to eat this dish hot to enjoy the freshness of the fillet as it interacts with the white wine sauce. This light-weight dish is easy on the waist-line and allows room for dessert!


Dessert; anyone said dessert? Yes, there is always room for something sweet to end off. I don’t exactly have a sweet tooth; I like to taste them but I normally do not finish all.

Desserts are best shared, don’t ya think? That way, you get to have a taste of everything. Which is exactly what we did. We ordered all 5 items on the menu! Creme Brulee is never my first choice of dessert but it surpassed all the rest and came back as an empty plate. The Tiramisu came second close though I wished there is more rum and soft biscuit-fingers.  The rest are possibly menu-fillers and need a little more work in my opinion. Then again as mentioned, i don’t have a sweet tooth so I could be bias. Give me the Poulet any time over dessert! Smile with tongue out 

Overall, we had a great French meal! Poulet is a restaurant which you won’t need to burn a big hole in your pocket and yet able to savour a piece of Paris while admiring the Eiffel Tower (menu). Besides the French traditional style, I liked the twist to make the selections suitable for the local crowd. It’s good to know there are many vegetarian options in the menu to cater to the special diets (I have a vegetarian mother). A place for all occasions; give it a try today and let me know what you think! Bon Appetit!


Poulet’s oulets: http://poulet.com.sg/restaurants/ 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PouletSG

Instagram: @Pouletsg (If you are on IG; remember to #Pouletsg to enter an on-going photo contest to win some dining vouchers)


N.B: We were invited for a complimentary food tasting session with Poulet. No other compensation was received. All opinions, photos and an enlarged waist-line remain my own.

Vaby–New kid on the block

Va? what? I thought it was somewhat linked to “Barbie” for a moment. Smile with tongue out

It’s Va-by – a new local start-up with a unique selling point in the baby/mummy arena. Vaby was coined out from “Victory” and “Baby”; so I found out after attending the preview launch event at The Playhouse few weeks back.

The first-in-Singapore key proposition that Vaby wants to promote is their Vaby (Surprise) Box. This is a tastefully designed cutesy box with sample-sized items and discount vouchers which will be useful for a “sampling” of products before committing to a full-sized purchase. Their first launch of Vaby box will cater to mums-to-be, new mums and babies for now. The toddlers box will be introduced subsequently. For starters, examples of merchandise which could be included are baby clothing, accessories, diapers, wipes, skincare products, organic food items and many more!

Still not sure what’s the big deal? Think Bellabox and Sample Store. These are fine examples of how sample-sizes “boxes” led the beauty and lifestyle market. Now Vaby is here for the mummies and babes! We sincerely hope that they become successful in Singapore and beyond. We support local start-ups! Smile

There was lotsa of excitement at The Playhouse as mummy bloggers pored over the whole idea and our kiddos ran wild at the play areas. If you haven’t been to the revamped Playhouse (previously known as The Seb Bistro), you should really go by and take a look. There are proper outdoor and indoor (air-conditioned) play areas now and these will easily be a few hours of play time for the young ones. Parents can dine next to the play zones while you keep a look-out at the kiddos.


Here’s a chance to be invited to Vaby’s official launch this coming Sat (28th June 2014) 2-4pm at The Playhouse!

Simply sign up as Vaby’s member on their website at this link and await to see if you will be the lucky ones to be invited and all attendees will receive a Vaby box as a door gift too!

Hope to see you there! Smile

Do watch this space for more updates on upcoming Vaby giveaways!

Official Launch 2


N.B: We were cordially invited to attend the Vaby preview launch at The Playhouse. Treated to a nice brunch and Xi En had a great time! We went home with Vaby boxes of good quality korean clothing (for Baby Eizac too!) and the team kindly provided transport allowance too. Otherwise all other opinions remain writer’s own.

P.S:  One big unwelcome “gift” received was a huge insect bite on the eye lid due to the carelessness of the Mummy who forgotten to spray on mosquito repellent for Xi En. So gentle reminder to put on (liberally) mosquito repellent for yourself and young ones if you are heading there any time. With a backdrop of fauna and flora, it attracts uninvited guests too!

Agapebabies – a multi-brands online shop

Sponsored Review

When Agapebabies approached me for a review on their online shopping website, honestly I was sceptical of yet another run-of-the-mill shopping site. These days, it is not easy to stand out from the crowd as there are so many online shops ready to woo the growing number of internet-age shoppers.

But after a quick browse of Agapebabies website, I was impressed with the clean cut look of the site, the simple categorisation of products and the wide range of goods offered. From organic food to California Baby skincare and even mummies’ cleanser products, this website promise to bring you the premium and authentic brands at affordable prices. Recently they also partnered with The Sunshine Kids which is an online kids fashion departmental store. It stocks up mainly girly dresses at the moment. It is understood that Agapebabies is looking to expand further as a multi-store concept and will continue to add more brands and even stores in time to come.


Cut-the-chase: I agreed to shop with them! (I possibly would even if I am not invited to review!)

It is great that the store doesn’t just stock babyish products. As a mummy of 2, my boys are almost 4 years apart and so it is helpful to be able to purchase different age groups products on the same site!

Agapebabies prided itself in specialising in California Baby product ranges and just nicely, I needed to stock up on some shower items for the boys. Purposefully, I compared prices between some brick & mortar shops and other online shopping sites. Glad to conclude that Agagebabies’ prices for this brand is highly competitive. I added a California Baby The Basic Tote (S$24.90) to my cart! Great for the travel trip that we are planning months ahead! Smile

I was surprised to see that many new products and brands were added weekly to their ranges. I found a reputable brand : Thermos Foogo  leak-proof stainless steel food jar (S$36.31) which comes in handy as Eizac is in the stage of feeding on solid home-cooked food. It is in a nifty 10oz size which is just nice for a lunch meal for my 18th month boy.  They have so many cute designs Thermos (Dora, Mickey, Ironman and Hello Kitty)!

The shopping experience was seamless. It was easy to navigate through the site; there were no glitches faced. There were so many products to choose from (2000 products from 100 brands!). Look at that: (!!)

logo_banner (2)

Perhaps my only grouse is that I need more shopping money to buy everything which catches my eye! My shopping haul came in through a local courier delivery within 2 days of placing the orders. Such speedy delivery is helpful when you need the products urgently. Do note that there is an option for normal mail delivery which will take 1-7 working days. It will be a cheaper alternative as compared to courier service.

There is free local courier delivery if you purchase S$80 and above (honestly, not the cheapest delivery option in the online market but I believe this might change once they get bigger and can transfer delivery cost-savings to consumers).

Agapebabies is also active on Facebook and Instagram. Do follow them for exclusive daily deals and periodic contests.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agapebabies

Instagram: @agapebabies

If you would like to shop with Agapebabies, do make use of this 5% discount code which the kind folks had gladly provided.

Just enter “5%offevespirationblog” upon check-out.

Discount code will be available from 24th June 2014 to 15th July 2014. However it will not be applicable for purchase of breast pumps, diapers and milk powder.

Happy shopping! Smile

N.B: We received shopping credits as part of this sponsored review; all opinions remain writer’s own.