SHAPE RUN 2013–the stroller version!

A follow up post from the introduction of Capella CONY stroller; we were supposed to complete a 2.4KM run in July 2013 organised by SHAPE.

This was postponed due to the horrible haze during that time and it finally took place last weekend!

True to be told: I am never the first to put up for hands for a run; save a 2.4KM run! It is a tall order for a self-professed couch potato… But in the spirit of good fun I signed Eizac and myself up for the SHAPE run 2013 in the Stroller Fun Run Category.

We had a practice run at Bishan Park a month ago and lasted a good 1.5KM without much fuss.

On the actual run day, we joined a group of blogger mummies and their cutie babies for a bright early morning run. 

Shaperun 9

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We were the last one to arrive at the assembly area because I lost my way! Thankfully, it was easy to spot 9 other mummies and their babies in Capella strollers. Hard to miss such a scene ya. 😛

It was a difficult morning because Eizac was woken up from his slumber and in a dazed mood. He decided he didn’t want any milk till we arrived at the race site. And so I had to feed him from the beginning of the race all the way till the finish line! Well, almost!

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It probably felt like the longest 2.4KM run in my life! Armed with a highly disagreeable boy with bawling lungs and endless tears, I just had to pick him up from the stroller and walked our way through the route.

Eizac is normally good with sitting sit in the stroller for a walk in the park or market; but that morning was just a little tougher for him given the morning heat and lack of sleep and milk. Thankfully, I had the company of 2 other mummies who “strolled” with us as I lugged a 8kg boy in one hand and handled the stroller with another hand. The stroller is steady enough for a one hand handling but do make sure you get some practice with this – I have perfected it with my 2 boys. :p

Despite a fussy boy, it was good fun. Our Capella stroller was put to test with navigating through the uneven grass patches at the gathering area to the hard and rough roads. Overall it was a decent experience with Capella even though I was moving alone with Eizac. We travelled light for the run and I totally like it’s practicality as a everyday stroller. For the records, we lasted the run and made it back in one piece (all 3 of us – stroller included!)

A special thank you to Capella for sponsoring the stroller and its’ PR team for actively making this event a smooth one. Thank you fellow mummy bloggers for the encouragement to run and the company to finish the run! This is a personal level unlocked! Open-mouthed smile

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Disclaimer: We were given a Capella CONY Stroller for the purpose of a review and participation in SHAPE RUN 2013. All opinions and photos remain writer’s own unless otherwise stated.

Family Fun @ Home (in conjunction with Fisher-Price)

How do you play at home? Do you run out of ideas sometimes? Tell me I am not alone.. please?

Confession of a working-cum-stay-at-home mum: I am tired and so very lazy to engage in play time with my kids (at times). Half the time (ok – maybe most of the time!) I wish that I am chilling at a cafe, having a nice cuppa with a warm pastry and a yummy good book. BUT the mummy-duty heart overruled.

Then again, when I see my little ones chuckle, have a good time of laugh and play, learn a new word, the twinkle in their eyes when they understand you and etc; it’s all worth it.

That cuppa can wait. 🙂

I enjoyed reading blogs and surfing the web for ideas on purposeful play for my boys. There are really amazing mummies with great lesson ideas! But let’s put that aside for today.

Just sharing a little on simple fun we have at home with our boys:

Is it really obvious that Daddy wouldn’t mind having a daughter? Sharing a laugh together as a family; take one for the family, Eizac. 😀

When all else fail, let them have a ride. Daddy’s favourite stance; the boys are not complaining.

I have 2 boys and the older one – Xi En – is fascinated with remote controls, plugs and anything electrical since a young age. He had successfully taken apart our $700 baby monitor, stand fans, chairs, digital cameras, countless remote controllers and more. He has a personal box of batteries whereby he is the master “batteries-changer” should any toys ran out. Leveraging on his interest, we taught him the physics (plus and minus signs on batteries), chemistry (what happens when you put your fingers into the socket holes), maths (add up the no.of electrical plugs he amassed) and etc.

With no. 2 – Eizac – it’s probably too early to tell. Parenting a 2nd child is somewhat like God giving us a 2nd chance to not make the same mistakes we did with No. 1!

Xi En was exposed to gadgets at a really young age. He was a fussy one when it comes to meal times and social occasions; and thus we whipped out the Ipad, iphones and television programmes all too readily and too early. With Eizac, we are determined to keep him away from such exposures till an older age. As such, we are consciously trying to spend more time together as a family playing make-up games, pretend play and purchasing more purposeful toys.

One such toy which was gifted to Eizac recently is the Fisher-Price Love to Play Puppy (Laugh & Learn Series). 

In all true honestly, I almost dismissed it as a “regular” soft toy till we took it out of its packaging. This clever pup is surprisingly chockfull of many play-and-learn opportunities.

It comes in 2 interactive play modes (Learning Time and Musical Fun) and 10 Sing-Along songs such as Pat-a-Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider and more. It never hurt to have more songs packed into a toy to entertain our little ones.

Through the interactive mode, Puppy teaches alphabet, numbering, counting, parts of the body, colors, feelings and more. Besides sounds and music, it helps there is a little lit-up heart which attracts the little ones’ attention too.

“Love to Play Puppy” is suitable for age 6 to 36 months and I can testify why it’s such a wide age group.
At 9+ months, Eizac cannot sing or clap along with the Pup but he’s captivated by the bright colors, the music and also where the music originates from.

At 48 months, Xi En sings along to all the songs and explored all the interactive modes on behalf of his brother. It was good enough to hold his attention for a few days. Thus, I can foresee Eizac growing up with Puppy. Besides being soft and cuddly, its interactive mode accompanies a growing child’s learning journey.

More ideas on how to engage in “Puppy Play” can be found on Fisher-Price website.

Have a chuckling fun family weekend ahead! 

Disclaimer: We received the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn “Love to Play Puppy” as part of the Fisher-Price Play Ambassador programme for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Opinions and photos remain ours.

Fisher Price Early Learning Fund Contest

By now, my readers won’t be unfamiliar with Fisher Price.

Do you have fans of Fisher-Price toys at home too?

Here’s a piece of good information to share.

I am sure you can’t miss Fisher-Price products in major department stores and might have purchased some educational toys for your little ones. Don’t throw away that receipt!

You could just be the winner for the Fisher-Price Early Learning Fund Contest! Aimed at helping parents to give their children a head-start in life, this 5 months campaign allows parents the chance to win a S$10,000 cash scholarship when they purchase Mattel Fisher-Price products!

Early Learning Fund Logo


This campaign kicked off in July 2013 and ends in end Nov 2013. Though we are near the tail-end of the contest, there is still a chance to enter it!


Weekly Draw

For all the weeks leading up to 30th November 2013, any contestant who submits an entry for the Early Learning Fund stands a chance to win a Learning Hamper worth S$1,000!

Grand Price

On 16th December 2013, a winner will be picked for the Grand S$10,000 CASH Price, of which Weekly Draw Winners are also eligible. The winner for the Grand Price will be published on The Straits Times on Monday 23rd December 2013 – just in time as a Christmas surprise! 😉

There are also weekly draws for Learning Hampers worth S$1,000!

Here’s how it works:

To enter the Early Learning Fund Contest, simply spend S$20 and above on any Mattel Fisher-Price products (excluding Thomas & Friends). Thereafter submit the contest forms with receipt via different methods described on the Joy of Learning website.

Alternatively, if you have a Facebook account, you may enter the contest via Fisher-Price Southeast Asia Facebook page. Click on all the hyperlinks to find out more! Do remember to check their Facebook page as winners will be notified via the page.

Don’t wait further – either go dig out those receipts or go buy some Fisher-Price products! Smile All the best!