Live Well Baby Carnival 2013

Where did 2013 go to? A question that flew past my head as I checked the schedule in my calendar. It’s almost a shock to a certain degree to realise that 2013 is ending in approximately 3.5 months.

I gave myself the excuse that giving birth to a cute and most adorable baby deserves an entire year of break! And so I lost track of the calendar…. Valid excuse reason hey! 🙂

But most newly-minted Mummies (and not forgetting some Daddies) have an inert nature not to forget the major baby fairs in town! If you have not heard, LiveWell Baby Carnival 2013 is one of the last few baby exhibitions for the year. This is the BIGGEST Carnival LiveWell Baby had ever held in Singapore. Besides a community of baby and family brands in the market, a significant difference is the annual LiveWell Baby Championships – the grandest race for little feets! ( 7 months to 6 years old).

If you have an active baby or toddler, this is the best event to unleash them to RUN! or CRAWL! or even WALK! Do check out LiveWell Baby Championship Carnival website for more details on the various race categories.

Well, if you don’t have an athlete in the family, no sweat. There are many other stage contests such as LiveWell Little Prince/Princess , “I Got it from My Mama/Papa” and etc. More details on the official website too. There are lots of free goodie bags to take home as well; be early or reserve on their website!

Besides the family-centric activities, it’s definitely a good chance to check out some new products in the market. One of my favourite play & learn toy brands – Fisher-Price – is introducing their new Rainforest Friends range of products at the Fisher-Price booth.

Fisher-Price is also holding some stage contests where participants can win some exciting Fisher-Price toys for their little ones. There will also be a lucky draw sponsored by Fisher-Price which is open to all attendees on 21st Sept 2013 between 1-2pm. Do “Like” their Facebook page for regular updates on products and contests!

With so much to look forward to, don’t miss this opportunity for a fun-filled family day!

Details of LiveWell Baby Carnival 2013:

Date: 20th to 22nd September 2013

Time: 11am to 9pm

Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6B

Fisher-Price’s booth is located at E02 for those stocking up baby’s toys and products

Lunch alone with Boy

A Mom’s life.

While having bee Hoon fish soup lunch ALONE with your boy; u smelt a fart (obviously its ur boy’s because its quite recognizable)…

“Mummy, my tummy pain pain”

“Do u need to poo poo?”

“No, I want 风油 (medicated oil)”

Now.. Mummy don’t carry oil around in her bag everywhere!

“Babe, we will apply some when we reach home”

(desperate attempt to divert his attention)

“Mummy.. I want to poo poo”
Ok, no oil, Boy wants to poo. Now . Now . NOW!!!

Lunch is 1/2 way through (ONLY!)


Mummy is alone with Boy…

“Can you hold while we finish lunch”

Legs crossed, hands on tummy; face distorted; 1 more fart came out.

No, Boy can’t hold. & No, Mummy doesn’t want to wipe poo off food court’s chair.

Shoved 2 more spoons of hot soup into own mouth & Boy’s mouth.

Made a bee hive dash to nearest loo.

Placed Boy on a nicely toilet-papered laced loo’s seat.

“Mummy, I want to pee”

“Yes, you can pee”

“Mummy, can I pee pee?”

“Yes, quick. & Poop at the same time”

Boy pee. Mummy waited.

“Mummy, I’m done”

Pee. Check.

Poo. Unchecked.

“babe, where’s the poo? I thought you wanna poo?”

“No, I only want to pee”

There goes Mummy’s lunch.


Sweet Mid-Autumn starts with Mooncakes tasting @ Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Media Invite – Food Tasting

Cordially invited Openrice, I joined a group of “Openricers” for their handcrafted mooncakes tasting. There were the usual classic baked white lotus seed paste mooncakes with/without egg yolks and the more extravagant ones which I will share more later.

The evening started with some specialities of Xin Cuisine in the form of finger food. It were small little bites but they definitely left us wanting to come back to try more!

The highlight of the evening is the pairing of wines with their newly revealed mooncakes. Commonly, we drink Chinese tea with mooncakes as this is a tradition from eons ago. But who’s to say you cannot pair mooncakes with WINE! It’s a unique and refreshing idea for those who enjoy that nice glass of wine.

Personally, I do enjoy that occasional glass of sweet and dry wine but at this stage of my life, I don’t want my little baby to be drinking liquor-infused milk! Thus I only had very little sips of whites for the evening. I must say those whites really suit my tastebuds!

These are award-winning, fruity wines. I liked the light bodied, floral notes, crispy sparkling sparkling Riondo Proecco Spagp D.O.C. The clean and slight dry aftertaste complemented the sweetness of the snowskin mooncakes. It’s almost like the matt-taste of Chinese tea washing down the coyness of mooncakes. Surprisingly good pairing that you should try!

The stars of the evening:

Splendours of Xin’s Mid-Autumn Festival 2013

I didn’t managed to take a photo of Xin’s Signature Mini Egg Custard with Egg Yolk ($52) (because it was all gone when it came out!!) Possibly that’s enough said of it’s popularity? Heard that it’s one of the most well-received mooncakes among Xin’s selections.

Let’s take a look at the fillings of the others:

Top to Bottom:

Green Tea Lotus Paste with Chivas Chocolate Mooncake ($50)

This is an easy favourite for me. I liked the tea-infused lotus paste taste and the mild sweetness of the chivas chocolate. Tea and chocolate – how to go wrong? 🙂 I ordered a box of this for my family.

Black Sesame Paste with Peanut and Chocolate Snowskin Mooncake ($50)

This is made especially for those who enjoy Reese Peanut Butter Cups! It is almost an exact replica of that! Buttery Peanut and chocolaty – a little too similar to Reese for me to enjoy it as a mooncake.

Soursop & Chocolate Crunch Mooncake ($50)

Errmm… this one is a big surprise! Surprisingly sour with soursop pups! It’s like eating soursop and chocolate crunches all in one bite. Possibly suitable for those who like their mooncake sour? or those who just want something different. 🙂

Passion Fruit Paste Mooncake ($50)

Once again, this is a good option for those who wants something uniquely different. There is chockfull of passion in this one.

Champagne Chocolate & Pandan Lotus Paste Mooncake ($50)

In my opinion, this is a cousin of the Green Tea Lotus Paste with Chivas Chocolate Mooncake. Very close in taste, but I prefer green tea than pandan.

Peranakan Durian Mooncake ($50)

This photo probably doesn’t do justice to it’s real taste. We greedy folks attacked this one like how we do it at the durian stalls! But seriously, just like durian ice-cream cake, you will need to wait for such frozen products to thaw nicely before tucking in. This little gem is actually naturally flavoured with the Blue Pea flower commonly used in Peranakan food. Taste-wise; if you are getting it for that uncle/auntie who love durian, it can’t go wrong.

Teochew Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk Mooncake ($52)

This Teochew speciality is only available at Xin Cuisine and not at their promotion road shows. Being a Teochew myself, let’s just say I have very high standard of a flaky crust with not-so-oily yam paste. It’s not easy to get such textures correctly done to a T and to a Teochew-nia standard. Xin’s is not bad; but by far honestly, not the best I have tried before.

And the chef behind the above innovative creations:

Chef Cheung Kin Nam – Native to Guangdong, he had worked in China and Hong Kong before. His culinary expertise progressed from a dim sum cook to one who helmed the desserts and confectionaries at Xin.

SPECIAL: Xin Cuisine is having an exclusive 30% off their mooncakes promotion just for Openrice readers (valid for the first 100 boxes till 30th Aug). More information here.

Happy Sweet Mid-Autumn Festival to one and all! 🙂