Confinement food catering

I have ended my confinement about 2 months back. One of the best (right) thing I did for myself and my family is to cater confinement food!

Sharing a little about my experiences here. 

We were contemplating between hiring a live-in confinement nanny or cater confinement meals (lunch & dinner). In the Chinese traditions, we are supposed to be “confined” for 1 month post-delivery and be the Q.U.E.E.N to be served and uphold in dignity.   Kind of. 

It’s more like to be confined; no showers; no shorts; no plain water/only red dates drink; drown yourself with lotsa yucky fish soup and best of all: be the-on-demand-milk-dispenser or the-express-every-3/4hourly-cow.

Of course, being the modern mum – I did almost none of the above; save the milk-on-demand part.

Not to digress further, we didn’t hire a live-in nanny in the end due to various reasons such as it’s Chinese New Year period (prices go real high to hire one); lack of room space to accommodate everyone and etc. The next best thing is to take care of the nursing mummy’s diet and reduce the cooking chores.

I shortlisted the following after some research:

1) Chili Padi – They are known for their Peranakan food. Food tasting of confinement meals are available at a cost at one of their outlet. But I didn’t go for it as they are the most expensive!

2) Newbaby – I almost went with this company but after calling a few times, I couldn’t get through and thus gave up. This company is apparently quite popular with mummies too.

3) Confinement Food – Honestly, I don’t like the website. It’s too amateur looking to be trustworthy in my opinion.

4) Rich Food – They are the cheapest among the more reputable companies. But they don’t deliver to my address! It’s good to call up the various companies first before poring over their menu; especially if you stay in an older estate without many new mummies. Less catchment; doesn’t make sense for them to deliver.

5) Natal Essentials – This is one of the most traditional company. I choose them in the end. Price is average. If you look at the menu on it’s website, you will notice that it’s quite repetitive. The person-in-charge said that the reason for such menu is because confinement food options are actually quite limited. They don’t believe in dishing out more variety just because of competition. They do vary the cooking methods which I found helpful enough. Portion are huge and I am not a small eater! They are good enough for hubby and I to share; except the yummier dish always seemed insufficient! 

I do like it that they pack the food in microwavable containers which makes cleaning up real easy.  I know some mummies are not keen in such containers but it worked well for me. The last thing I want to deal with is dirty dishes!

Also the food remains warm enough in the thermal bag provided.

Confinement food 1

And no MSG is definitely a great healthy selling point!

My few grouses:

  • Delivery wasn’t on time for 2 occasions. But I have to give credit to the customer service lady who called and explained that it’s a new driver on the road and my place is actually out of the way for them to deliver but they will still do it. The lady kindly offered 2 meals in replacement of the late delivery.
  • The fish dishes were sometimes fishy on certain days. But my mum said that this type of fish is normally fishy. I am not a fish fan.. so any fishy smell turns me off immediately. I ended up not eating most of the fishy fish unfortunately.
  • I wished they offer porridge as an option instead of rice only. Maybe I am a Teochew (need to eat porridge lah) and also after a caesarean; I found porridge easier to digest. But they did explain that porridge won’t keep well as compared to rice. Oh well….

But otherwise I found the company responsible and the dishes really tasty for confinement food. They also accommodated my last minute request to divert a week’s meal to my mum’s address. And if you have special requests such as no liver, no kidney, replace trotter to pork ribs and etc – they are very happy to accede to all these requests too.

Some of my favourites in the menu are:

  1. Black Vinegar Pork Rib (I can’t stomach trotter)
  2. Braised Chicken with Preserved Veg (Mei Cai) – I love Mei Cai; didn’t know it is a confinement food!
  3. Steamed Egg with Minced Meat – Simple homecook style
  4. Doubled boiled lotus root pork rib Soup – flavourful and home style again
  5. Braised Chicken Drumstick with Chestnut – how not to love chicken drumstick hey.
  6. Pig’s Tripe with Peppercorns – my childhood favourite and about the only innards stuff I eat. The soup is yummy. Son and me fought for it
  7. Stir fried Frog Leg with Ginger and Spring Onion – once again, didn’t know this can be a confinement dish too!



A worthwhile recommendation if you are looking for confinement food catering! Oh and do remember to order 1 month ahead of your EDD to enjoy early bird discounts.

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I wanna spend my life with you

29th April 2006

The day we say “I do”

Happy wedding anniversary to my husband of SEVEN years and boyfriend of NINE long years!

The creative musician in him created some lovely memories during our church wedding reception.

p.s: He only took 2 introductory Mandarin courses in uni. *clap* *clap*

Dug out a really old & poor quality video of a young and handsome man some 7 years ago:

“I wanna spend my life with you””

The lyrics:

We stick together like the birds in the sky

with the feathers flown high with you

We stick together like the flour in the pie

like the apple strudel pie you like

I wanna spend my life with you

with you I won’t be blue

I love to hold your hands & walk thru’ this life till the day becomes night with you


I wanna spend my life with you

with you I won’t be blue

I had been waiting for this day & my life for the time you say I do

for the time you say I do.

But of course, it’s not all that rosy and cosy all the time. I like the following quote I stole off a friend’s FB status update: (how true! heh…)


But dearie 🙂 :

wedding photo

HAPPY 7th Wedding Anniversary Kim! *Love u*

Because they are so dear, I learnt to bake them!

With $2.50 a pop, Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes are not exactly a neighbourhood-priced cake. It’s almost bite-sized and dainty enough for my 4 years old to polish 2 at a go. And that’s $5 for 2 pops!

Ermmm…not exactly something I would buy on a daily basis; especially if he decides to eat 5 or 10 a day! *gulp*

But thankfully Xi En is a small eater. He’s unfortunately also a picky one. Thus whenever he took a liking to a particular food, we will try to feed him more of that as a bid to get more food into that underweight frame.

Thus when one of the SMB fellow mom bloggers – Pauline – (incidentally also the founder of Munch Ministry – one of my favorite “likes” on Facebook) organised a baking session for Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes; I jumped at the opportunity to learn it!

I could try making it through one the recipes online but nothing beats having visual aids and practice.

So we gather this weekday and had a great hands-on session together with fellow mom bloggers.

The bake-out place @ Tessensohn Civil Service Club:


The thing I love about cooking classes are: the mistakes can be rectified and also we learnt the little tips not taught in recipes. E.g. ensure no extra oil/water on the bowls we used; otherwise end products will be affected and the eggs are to be beaten to this pale-yellow consistency:


Once again, my bake-out partner – Pamela – trying to conquer the eggs; sure look effortless. :-p


KitchenAid – One amazing kitchen helper which I would love to have in my kitchen one day too! With this aid, we had the egg whites beaten up and the batter combined.


The verdict: It’s really not diffcult to make this. Taste is almost similar to what I bought from the bakery outside; if not better!! My boys at home gobbled down a few; which tasted even better when chilled.

So now to save some $2.50 ++++++++, I hope to be replicating these at home whenever we are in the mood for the fluffy; easy-on-the-waist chiffon cakes. 🙂

Do pop over to Munch Ministry’s website for assortments of tried-and-tested recipes if you are keen to try the above & more!

Thank you once again to Pauline and Munch Ministry for organising this bake-out session! The above event is made possible also because of someone’s birthday: