Parklon Play mats

With the recent reports on the toxicity of the commonly used “ABC” baby mats, my mum decided to keep all the alphabets mats and let Xi En play on the hard platform floor. Another reason is Xi En loves to pick up all various alphabets and put them in his mouth. He especially loved the small “o” and “r” – those which he can stuffed into his small mouth!

And so we sat on the hard platform floor for a few weeks and ……… GAVE UP! It’s too hard for our butts!

We started hunting for suitable play mats for Xi En’s play corner and found some really pricey options!

I found some Korean/Taiwan imported play mats which are made of really good material.

“The colorful reversible printed surface is made of heavy-duty, non-slip, non-toxic, non-phthalate soft PVC material.”

parklon mats 1

There are many designs and thickness available. I got mine from Small Small World. They were holding a bulk purchase on and thus prices were cheaper. They also sell these mats in baby fairs. I saw another provider on the forum – WorldofKorea.

Apparently there are two common known brands – Parklon and LG (yes, the Korean fridge brand!). LG has higher end series whereas Parklon is slightly cheaper. Personally, I think Parklon’s performance is good enough for our use and thus settled for that. We paid S$140 for a M size mat – ok – it seemed crazy to pay so much for a play mat.. these companies just know how to prey on parents’ weaknesses… But we felt that it’s probably worth it long-term wise. Smile

And so….. we waited for the free delivery…….

It CAME and it is so worth it! Xi En loves the vibrant colors and best of all our butts don’t hurt anymore. Smile 



parklon mats 3


parklon mats 2










Rochester Park – The Playhouse

My company organised a family day for staff last weekend. This is the first year I decided to go for it mainly because of Xi En!

We had the cosy event at Rochester Park – The Playhouse. It is tucked in a quiet corner within Buona Vista.


rochester 14


Parking is relatively easy followed by a short walk to the premise.

Because it was a company’s event, the organisers pumped up a bouncing castle (some sort) for the little kids.

It was Xi En first time in such structure and thank God there weren’t many kids in there; otherwise he will probably be bounced upon instead! haaa… Open-mouthed smile


rochester 1


There was massage service, a magic show for the kids, balloon sculpture man and face painting for the kids. But Xi En wasn’t the right age to enjoy all these yet.

Instead we brought him here:

rochester 4



This is the “nursery” or play area for little kids. It is like our church’s nursery except bigger with more activities corners and toys. Smile 


There is a costume corner:

rochester 5



 An art and craft corner:

rochester 8


 A play kitchen corner:

rochester 15


 Railway tracks for the boys:

rochester 16



rochester 3


 And more toys:

rochester 7


 Pianist-in-the-making: Smile 

rochester 11


 A slide & plastic balls pool:

rochester 9


 Xi En prefers the slide to the ball-pool:

rochester 10


 Xi En loves this place! Look at him trying to wiggle out to the toys when I tried to take a photo with him:

rochester 17


 For the older kids, there is a Wii and play station room as well:

rochester 13

 Overall I think it is a good place for family events, birthday parties and play dates! Smile There is a bistro for alfresco dining as well.

 Details below: Smile 

rochester 12

Le Cafe Confectionary & Pastry

Just had these yummylicious bean curd tarts 2 days back. (2 disappeared before I took the photos!)

bean curd tarts

Lecafe is a pastry shop which sells these healthy bean curd tarts. We bought the 8-in-a-box mixed favours. Actually I am not sure if they sell them individually. The shop assistant (or boss) was rather curt and said that there were only this selection for the day. Hmm… maybe other outlets might be different.




Nonetheless, the tarts are really good!

The pastry crust is slightly sweet and the bean curd has good soya taste! My favourite is the Original, Red Bean and Peanuts favours. Smile 


lecafe 1


Check their website for more details if you like healthier tarts! Smile