Red Star Dim Sum/Science Centre

Bro had some free Singapore Science Centre tickets and so we decided to make it a family outing. Smile 

The last time I was at the Science Centre was probably primary school days! These days, kids start younger. Smile 

Before the exploration, we had morning dim sum at a centuries-old dim sum restaurant – Red Star. It is a well-blogged about one which I had always wanted to try.

Verdict: Nostalgic feel with old-fashion decor and push cart aunties. But food is probably just alright.

Damage: $82 for 6pax


red star 2



red star



dim sum


After brunch, we went the Science Centre. Xi En had a go at everything that he can reached out to – total curiosity:


science centre 1



science centre 2



science centre 3


In particular, he enjoyed running in and out of this confined zone with small animals (and cockroaches I heard. Eekkk…)


science centre 4


We saw how lightning was created as well:

science centre 6


A pity we didn’t managed to get into the Waterworks area which is an outdoor area with lots of water play for kids. But knowing Xi En, he is probably still afraid of such play. Confused smile

After this trip, I think it is best to revisit when Xi En is at least 2.5 years to enjoy the exhibits better. If you are heading there, my suggestion – go in the later afternoon or early morning so that kids can play at the Waterworks without the hot afternoon sun. Smile Oh – and remember to bring a jacket as it can get cold in inside! Smile

Day at the Beach


Xi En is beginning to love the East Coast Park (but not the Beach!).

beach 9

It’s his BIG PLAYGROUND now.


We went there last week again. It’s the first time after Xi En can “fly with eagles’ wings” – i.e. run and run very fast!

We went with a picnic mat complete with breakfast. Smile :

beach 2


Xi En ran and ran – quite far away from where we were. Now he still comes running back. In time to come – I hope he still runs back to Mummy…..

beach 5


He was happy:

beach 1


Actually very happy:

beach 10



Decided to bring mummy’s slippers for a run too:

beach 4





We tried to build a sandcastle:

beach 8


That’s probably too ambitious. Only managed this:

beach 12


Because Xi En still do not like the feel of sand and sea water underneath his feet:

beach 7




Managed some nicer shots of with Mummy and Daddy:

beach 6


beach 11



We will be B.A.C.K! Wait for us – Sun, Sea and SAND! Smile Smile 

beach 13

CNY 2011 continues at Marina Barrage & River Ang Pow

I am probably the last person to visit Marina Barrage – and I am loving it! We were there quite late after dinner but the wind was so strong that we didn’t need much effort to fly the kite. I have never really flew a kite before – simply because the winds are never strong enough! You know.. you run for miles with the kite and the wind just doesn’t pick it up!

This is the first time I really enjoyed flying one almost effortlessly. Smile We will be back! Smile 


My bro’s smiley kite:

marina barrage 2



Before the sky turns really dark:

marina barrage 1


The night scene:

marina barrage 4



Family photo; as usual Xi En was not in a very agreeable mood to take photos:

marina barrage 5



Thereafter we adjourn to River Ang Pow. Been years since I went down for this yearly event. But still nothing to shout about.


Love these photos: 


river ang bao 3



river ang bao 2