Egg3 cafe

One Sunday afternoon, Kim & I had a chance to escape for a few hours after I am done with work for the day. Decided to check out a new revamped area in Mountbatten recommended by a good friend – Mountbatten Centre! This is still quite an unknown place to many as it used to be an old school premise. Right now it had been redeveloped to house an international school, dance school, music school, kids’ educational schools and a day care centre as well! It is nested within a HDB estate and can be easily mistaken as a forsaken old school premise.


We found an interesting lifestyle concept cafe – Egg3 cafe – within the premise and enjoyed a nice afternoon break. 🙂 The cakes are decent (wish they are bigger portions though) and definitely a relaxing place to wind down, have some tea and flip some magazines.

Believed that many parents probably spent time in this cafe while waiting for their kids to finish up with their classes.



Simple menu:

egg3 1


Open concept kitchen:

Egg3 2




Egg3 3


Egg3 4


Lava cake with ice cream:


Lava cafe with icecream


Carrot Raisin Cake:


carrot rasin cake 


Schools in the premise:


mountbatten centre 1

mountbatten centre 2



And this is where it is located:


mountbatten centre 3

Hopefully there will be enough business to keep this place afloat for a while till Xi En is old enough to attend some classes here! 🙂

1st Father’s Day

It is Kim’s 1st official Father’s Day last Sunday. He is just so proud to be a Daddy. 🙂

We went out for a late simple breakfast, bought Kim a nice present and ended off the night with a hotpot at Mum’s house; complete with a cake. 🙂


Kim’s Big Hearty Breakfast Burger from Carl’s J:

father's day 1

Mine – 1st time trying out KFC breakfast. Nice but not value for $ though. Mac’D still rocks! haaa.. :


father's day 2

To keep Xi En quiet while we have our breakfast, he gets the trusty old giraffe! He loves chewing at the toy giraffe’s legs as they fit nicely into his mouth! No choice, if we don’t give him something to chew on, he will be screaming the roof down…

father's day 3

Lastly, Kim holding his pride and joy; with the good old ‘cake-cutting picture”:


father's day 4

This 1st Father’s Day is significant to Kim because exactly one year ago, it was uncertain if the above photos could be taken. While I was confined to bed-rest in the hospital for 3 months, Kim tirelessly travel to and from work-hospital-home everyday to spend time with me and our then-unborn Xi En. His everyday life for 3 whole months was to wake up at 5am, drive to JB to work, drive to hospital to spend time with us and then go home about 10pm every night. And the whole cycle repeats itself everyday. I was quite concerned then if he might just break down and give up. But of course, knowing Kim – he held on, sacrificially; spending all his available time with us and persevered till the day Xi En was born. Even after I was discharged, his “hospital-journey” did not stop. As Xi En was still in N-ICU then, Kim repeated his work-hospital-home journey for the next 2 months before Xi En was finally discharged.  

What more can I say. Kim is a GREAT hubby, SACRIFICIAL daddy and above all he loves us with all his heart! THANK YOU, Kim for being there for us and loving us! 🙂 HAPPY DADDY’S DAY!

Morning Walk

Had been having disturbed sleep for the past few nights because Xi En seemed to be turning into a night owl. Some said that he was getting the world cup fever! He woke up at 6am this morning (and 12am and 3am as well) and refused to sleep anymore, thus Mum and I decided to bring him for a morning walk. Decided to go up to the rooftop garden above the carpark.


The views from the rooftop garden:


rooftop 1

rooftop 2

rooftop 4

rooftop 3

Xi En was as usual – happy to be out of the house. He is one curious boy but loves to scream when he got bored or tired. Mostly, he was still co-operative throughout the stroll and didn’t scream the house down! 😛


Mum teaching Xi En the colors of the flowers”:

walk 1


And that you shouldn’t be plucking the flowers (too late!):


walk 4 

Getting tired..yawn yawn…:


walk 3 Is that a tired look or what…:

walk 2

Finally back home to nap after a good 45 mins walk: Sleep baby sleep…. :

sleep 1