Blessed Day

Ever since I got a bit better, I started craving for supper. I will normally have to grab some crackers and cheese about 11+pm to 12+am. 

But yesterday, I suddenly craved for mushroom soup with bread. So… Kim crawled out of bed and went to make some campbell mushroom soup with fresh mushroom (thks to Mum who bought it for us) and garlic bread! Yum Yum! 😀


simple supper but so yummy!

simple supper but so yummy!

After a heavy dosage of MSG, I had a good night sleep. heee…

Next afternoon, 2 ex-uni friends – Siangling and Liling – came over with lunch to visit. Had a good long chat with them. And of course baby Mikayla as well! One really obedient girl who didn’t cry a single bit when she was here. Hope our baby will be the same next time. 🙂 Really happy, always with a smile. 🙂 

Had a nice, health fish soup and dessert lunch (thks to Liling). And baby magazines and books to read for next few days (thks to Siangling). 🙂 

Kim came back in the evening with superb double boiled soup from MIL’s place. 🙂

I had a blessed day. Thanks friends, mum, parents-in-laws, Kim and all who wished me well. 🙂

Week 13

13 is supposed to be an unlucky number for some. But it turned out to be a pretty good week for me.

Week 13 of pregnancy – went back to gynae to get a jab and scan. Baby looked well developed with a nice spinal cord and a tiny human form. Baby was sitting down and head hugging into tummy! So cute – looks just like the father when he fell asleep in buses last time. hhaaaa. It is always heartening to see baby doing somersaults and being so active in the little bubble. It is like baby is having a world of its own – oblivious to the surroundings and the drama we went through. It is good to be innocent. 🙂

Blood clots are getting smaller but still need more time to disperse. I am comforted enough. Going to rest for another week at home before deciding if it is time to head back to office, targets and pressure. 🙂 Most said, 2nd trimester is the best time to work; maybe I should make full use of 2nd trimester. I need a mani, pedi, facial and new clothes!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

New Arrival… soon

Ok…Finally decided that it is the right time to “make this public”. Actually most colleagues, some friends and family already knew about this. Some suspected, some asked.

Yes! I am 12+ weeks pregnant!!!! Yahoo! 🙂 Believed this is one of the best things that ever happened to us. 🙂 Many eventful events happened during these last 12+ weeks. Just to share with those who missed it:

Week 0+ to 1: Home-test pregnancy kit is vague. Not sure if there are 2 lines or 1 line… Butterflies in stomach..wondering if this might be “it”! 

Week 2 to 3: Went to work in the morning, discovered spotting at noon. Went to GP near office. GP was closed for lunch. Stood outside and stared anxiously at the nurses having lunch. Finally shutter opened. Pregnancy test confirmed PREGNANT! One big fat red cross on the kit; can’t be wrong!!

But GP said go to gynae ‘cos spotting not ceasing. Gave me a letter of referral; wrote the wrong name on it. Ran back to GP to change the name. Sianz -what else do I need at this time?

Saw gynae; she said too early to tell anything-just a little dot now. Gave 1 week MC, go home and rest, she said.

Week 4 to 5: Yes! The “little dot” became a bigger patch!! Gynae say – yes you are pregnant! Should be about 4 to 5 weeks. Spotting ceased. You can go back to work but be careful.

Cravings? chicken rice.

Week 6 to 7: Saw heartbeat of foetus! Flashing really fast on the screen. Gynae’s machine can’t produce sound though. But confirmed baby is pretty much alive! Praise God!

Cravings? savoury food. subway sandwiches. Ham and cheese for breakfast.

Week 8: Spotting came back on Sun. I was alone at home. Called Kim anxiously and he rushed back. Went to hospital and had another scan. This machine produces sound! Heard baby’s heartbeat!  strong and loud. PTL! Gynae said need to rest and rest. 1+ week MC.

Cravings? not much ‘cos nausea sets in. Can’t eat much. Started vomiting. Realized can’t eat deli meat and processed food anymore. Decided not to eat ham or hotdog – fav food though. 😦 Dry biscuits helped a little.

Week 9 to 10: Mutual agreement with company to take sabbatical leave for 1 month.

Saw gynae again and she said all good. spotting stopped. Can see baby’s form for the first time. God is good.

Came down with terrible tummy ache. Painful pulling pain in stomach. Saw GP who was careful in dishing out medicine for preggy me. 🙂

Cravings? Nasi Lemak with chilli and fish curry. Still nausea, indigestion and vomiting away.

Week 11 to 12: Tummy ache got better. Still vomiting like a merlion. Saw gynae 3 times within span of 3 days. baby was developing well on one scan. The next night, started bleeding like a fountain in the middle of the night. Scared the wits and faith out of me. Called gynae. She assessed the situation over the phone and said rest in bed and don’t move at all. Let’s scan tomorrow. Call her again if it is fresh red blood. I prayed I don’t need to call her again in the night.

Lasted a sleepless night and woke up to find bleeding has subsided. Thank God. Went for NT scan and the other doc said you bled a lot; but not overly sure why and where.

Nothing much anyone could do. Got a jab and medicine already. Bed rest was ordered. Strictly no moving around for the next 2 weeks ‘cos blood clots are still in the womb.

Now mum and Kim are “serving” me well. I feel like a patient; but a princess patient. 🙂 Telling baby every day and night to stay strong. 🙂 Believing God is good. Reminding myself to stay happy and positive.

Stay tuned for more updates. 🙂

P.S: please keep baby and I in prayers. Much needed now. Mum reminded me to pray to “my God” too!! haa.. 🙂

a little dot became a bigger patch - first few signs of pregnancy!!
a little dot became a bigger patch – first few signs of pregnancy!!
Baby at 12 weeks scan. Can see head, body, hands and legs! Amazing!!
Baby at 12 weeks scan. Can see the head, body, hands and legs! Amazing!!