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Top Ten Reasons To Buy A Haitian Painting?

Buying a Haitian painting is a sensible idea that can find its justification in the following ten reasons:

1.Haiti is the only Caribbean country where pictorial art is so thriving, thanks to the constant supply of work produced by hundreds of artists.

2.The richness of Haitian culture is an enduring source of inspiration that allows for a character-specific pictorial production.

3.The Haitian paintings are so typical of the quiet and unpretentious life of the people that they guarantee an immediate return to basics for the Haitian living far away from home.

4.A Haitian painting is for the foreigner who has visited Haiti, an eloquent memory, a constant reminder of the friendly atmosphere in which he stayed briefly or at length.

5.Buying a Haitian painting is acquiring an art piece that does not depreciate, and whose value tends to increase according to circumstances.

6.To buy a Haitian painting is to lend a helping hand to all those artists who have just been hit so hard by the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010.

7.To buy a Haitian painting is to possess a valuable heirloom that surviving family members will be thrilled to inherit.

8.The Haitian primitive painters reproduce, with admirable freshness whatever strikes their eyes, or all the scenes that are born out of their imagination.

9.The religious subjects, Voodoo, Catholic or otherwise, provide pleasant and invigorating paintings that delight collectors in general and particularly the religious type.

10.For foreigners and Haitians alike, a Haitian painting has a superb decorative value, a distinctive quality and exotic look that differentiates it altogether from other pictorial productions of the Caribbean or Africa.

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