Blessed Day

Ever since I got a bit better, I started craving for supper. I will normally have to grab some crackers and cheese about 11+pm to 12+am. 

But yesterday, I suddenly craved for mushroom soup with bread. So… Kim crawled out of bed and went to make some campbell mushroom soup with fresh mushroom (thks to Mum who bought it for us) and garlic bread! Yum Yum! 😀


simple supper but so yummy!

simple supper but so yummy!

After a heavy dosage of MSG, I had a good night sleep. heee…

Next afternoon, 2 ex-uni friends – Siangling and Liling – came over with lunch to visit. Had a good long chat with them. And of course baby Mikayla as well! One really obedient girl who didn’t cry a single bit when she was here. Hope our baby will be the same next time. 🙂 Really happy, always with a smile. 🙂 

Had a nice, health fish soup and dessert lunch (thks to Liling). And baby magazines and books to read for next few days (thks to Siangling). 🙂 

Kim came back in the evening with superb double boiled soup from MIL’s place. 🙂

I had a blessed day. Thanks friends, mum, parents-in-laws, Kim and all who wished me well. 🙂

Tonkatsu Japanese Curry Rice

Yummy Yummy… One of my fav cuisine is Japanese food – almost any kind of Japanese food. So..naturally – I tried to test my cooking skills here. Decided to make Tonkatsu Japanese Curry Rice for dinner yesterday!

Actually this is not my first attempt in making Japanese curry. It is really easy ‘cos I used the pre-mix curry cubes from major supermarkets. Just prepare some carrots, potatoes and onions and add them to the curry cubes topped with water – Hey Pesto – You get yummy, fragrant  Japanese curry. Instructions can be found on most of the packing. After some trial and error, I found the nicest combo of ingredients. 🙂

Ok .. now – how to make Tonkatsu? – i.e. Deep Fried Chicken Chop. I followed a recipe I found online but modified it slightly. It turned out really crispy on the outside and chewy/soft on the inside. Prefect!! But that is after turning my whole kitchen into a big, gooey, oily mess! Deep frying really mess up your  kitchen especially if you don’t have a deep fryer. But of course, I married one good man who cleaned up the whole kitchen and house thereafter! 😀

Anyway, fruits of my labour – see pics below. Used my phone cam, so pics not that clear – but enough to whet my appetite. heee… 🙂

Tonkatsu Japanese Curry Rice - my portion
Tonkatsu Japanese Curry Rice – my portion
Hubby's portion - MORE!
Hubby’s portion – MORE!
some sauces which goes well with Tonkatsu - Jap Mayo or Special Jap Sesame Sauce
some sauces which go well with Tonkatsu – Jap Mayo or Special Jap Sesame Sauce


P.S:  if anyone wants the recipes, let me know – I can send you the soft copies. 🙂

Pizza and soup dinner

Decided to make dinner on wed. Mum came over in the afternoon to double boil old cucumber soup (nice!). And when Kim came back, he decided to go with pizza. So…. my first attempt in pizza making. 

Actually it ain’t that hard; ‘cos I cheated! Used the ready-made dough which my mum bought, chopped all the ingredients, placed them on the pizza base and wohlah – yummy pizza in jus half an hour! 


  • 2 pizza dough base
  • some olives
  • 1 can of button mushroom 
  • 2 slices of black pepper ham
  • 1 fresh tomato (diced)
  • lots of cheese
  • tomato sauce

Put all the ingredients on the pizza base and thereafter place in the oven for 7 mins and you get nice “cheese-flowing” pizza. 

Some pics to share: 


ready-to-go into oven

ready-to-go into oven







double-boiled old cucumber soup

double-boiled old cucumber soup

P.S: Kim washed all the dishes and cleaned the whole kitchen and mopped the floor thereafter! worth me doing the cooking! heee… 🙂 so sweet lah. 😀