Le Cafe Confectionary & Pastry

Just had these yummylicious bean curd tarts 2 days back. (2 disappeared before I took the photos!)

bean curd tarts

Lecafe is a pastry shop which sells these healthy bean curd tarts. We bought the 8-in-a-box mixed favours. Actually I am not sure if they sell them individually. The shop assistant (or boss) was rather curt and said that there were only this selection for the day. Hmm… maybe other outlets might be different.




Nonetheless, the tarts are really good!

The pastry crust is slightly sweet and the bean curd has good soya taste! My favourite is the Original, Red Bean and Peanuts favours. Smile 


lecafe 1


Check their website for more details if you like healthier tarts! Smile 

Red Star Dim Sum/Science Centre

Bro had some free Singapore Science Centre tickets and so we decided to make it a family outing. Smile 

The last time I was at the Science Centre was probably primary school days! These days, kids start younger. Smile 

Before the exploration, we had morning dim sum at a centuries-old dim sum restaurant – Red Star. It is a well-blogged about one which I had always wanted to try.

Verdict: Nostalgic feel with old-fashion decor and push cart aunties. But food is probably just alright.

Damage: $82 for 6pax


red star 2



red star



dim sum


After brunch, we went the Science Centre. Xi En had a go at everything that he can reached out to – total curiosity:


science centre 1



science centre 2



science centre 3


In particular, he enjoyed running in and out of this confined zone with small animals (and cockroaches I heard. Eekkk…)


science centre 4


We saw how lightning was created as well:

science centre 6


A pity we didn’t managed to get into the Waterworks area which is an outdoor area with lots of water play for kids. But knowing Xi En, he is probably still afraid of such play. Confused smile

After this trip, I think it is best to revisit when Xi En is at least 2.5 years to enjoy the exhibits better. If you are heading there, my suggestion – go in the later afternoon or early morning so that kids can play at the Waterworks without the hot afternoon sun. Smile Oh – and remember to bring a jacket as it can get cold in inside! Smile

Dec 2010

December 2010 came and gone in a flash. Dec is always a busy month for the family – 3 birthdays of special people (Mum, Father and Hubby – all 1 to 2 days apart!) and of course, Christmas, thanksgiving and New Year.

It was so busy that I couldn’t update the blog in time before the year passed – but that’s another story by itself.

Highlights of Dec 2010:


Christmas lights at Orchard:


View Christmas Lights 2010


Our Christmas Tree at home:

Dec 7

Xi En’s first time in the skytrain at Changi Airport. He was a little apprehensive but otherwise enjoyed the bumpy ride!:

Dec 9

Dec 8

 I know some mummies will frown at this: His first French fries from Mac’D.. and he is loving it! 🙂 

Dec 4

Mum’s birthday celebration at home:

Dec 10

We celebrated Kim’s birthday a few days late as Xi En fell sick for the last few days of the year.  We had a simple yet nice lunch at Toby’s at Parkway Parade. 🙂

Kim birthday