Victor’s Kitchen

I had always wanted to try the dim sum at Victor’s Kitchen for the longest time. Heard that it is almost equivalent to what you will find in Hong Kong and the queue is always very long. We went there on a weekday and just before lunch so didn’t need to wait at all! And it is actually really quite yummy and you can find some dim sum which are not sold elsewhere!



Photos of the yummy food:


Glutinous rice – Highly Recommended! The rice is totally infused with the lotus leaves’ fragrance.

 Final photoIMG_1216


Prawn in Fried Beancurd Skin – Crispy and fresh with a nice appetising dip

  Final photoIMG_1221


Special Order – Veg and Century Egg Porridge (‘cos mum is a vegetarian) – Taste normal.

 Final photoIMG_1220


 Phoenix claws – One of my Favourite!

   Final photoIMG_1223



Chee Cheong Fun with prawns. Usual Suspect. Taste ok…

 Final photoIMG_1219



Cha Siew Pau with wine sauce. Ok… Not mind blowing.

 Final photoIMG_1224



Drinks – Stocking Milk Tea and Hot Ice Lemon Tea

  Final photoIMG_1225



Vegetables & Dry Scallops Dumpling – Nice change to usual chives dumplings.

  Final photoIMG_1222



A must order! Custard bun with salted egg yolk! – Super Yummy! A good mix of sweet and salty. Though I do prefer a runnier type of custard, but this is still good!

Final photoIMG_1227



Almond and milk pudding. Nice texture & taste!

 Final photoIMG_1228

Prices are reasonable as well. We spend a total of $38+ for 11 items; so an average of $3.50 per dish; which is fairly decent for the quality of food. Overall, this shop is worth many more visits!

Address as follow:

Victor’s Kitchen

91 Bencoolen Street

#01-21 Sunshine Plaza

It’s the season again!

It’s the season to eat durians again! Yummy! My favourite season! Just one year ago, I was stuffing myself silly with durians in an attempt to fatten the little one in me within the shortest possible time. Well.. it is quite obvious that most of the fats got transferred to me rather than the baby! x_x


Anyway, this year, the little one is here to get a taste of durian himself! Mum bought some organic durians and we decided that since it is “organic”, Xi En can have a taste of them! Furthermore, it is supposed to be rich in proteins, fats and carbo… definitely good for gaining weight! heee…..



The loot: Organic Durian!

durian 1



I want! I want! I want! Well.. Xi En pretty much reaches out to everything that he can put into his mouth:


durian 7


First taste of durian:



durian 3



1st reaction… Now is that nice or nice? :D:


durian 2



Swallowing it…:

durian 5



Ok.. I think I like it:

durian 6




Back for more! :

durian 4

Now I am sure Xi En will grow up to like durians like his Daddy and Mummy! Good habits to cultivate from young! hhaaa… 😀

Egg3 cafe

One Sunday afternoon, Kim & I had a chance to escape for a few hours after I am done with work for the day. Decided to check out a new revamped area in Mountbatten recommended by a good friend – Mountbatten Centre! This is still quite an unknown place to many as it used to be an old school premise. Right now it had been redeveloped to house an international school, dance school, music school, kids’ educational schools and a day care centre as well! It is nested within a HDB estate and can be easily mistaken as a forsaken old school premise.


We found an interesting lifestyle concept cafe – Egg3 cafe – within the premise and enjoyed a nice afternoon break. 🙂 The cakes are decent (wish they are bigger portions though) and definitely a relaxing place to wind down, have some tea and flip some magazines.

Believed that many parents probably spent time in this cafe while waiting for their kids to finish up with their classes.



Simple menu:

egg3 1


Open concept kitchen:

Egg3 2




Egg3 3


Egg3 4


Lava cake with ice cream:


Lava cafe with icecream


Carrot Raisin Cake:


carrot rasin cake 


Schools in the premise:


mountbatten centre 1

mountbatten centre 2



And this is where it is located:


mountbatten centre 3

Hopefully there will be enough business to keep this place afloat for a while till Xi En is old enough to attend some classes here! 🙂