Mummy, pain pain here

No….. He wasn’t referring to his own discomfort from severe coughing. Nor was he complaining of the iv drip in his hands. He ain’t complaining about his breathless & acute bronchitis either….

After 1 week stay in the hospital, Xi en wasn’t overly concerned about his own ailments… Instead, this evening when he saw my BCG mark on my arm, he pressed on it & said “mummy, pain pain here”.

Xi en thought that mummy has a painfully wound. 🙂


Immediately, he fumbled off his oxygen mask; made difficult by the iv drip on his right hand; propped himself towards me & blew gently at my “wound”. 🙂

“Mummy pain pain here” (blow blow)

“Mummy, ask teacher (I don’t know why not “nurse”) paste plaster.” (blow blow)


He asked for a tissue… I gave him one. He said: “Mummy don’t cry.. Not painful.. Don’t cry.. ask teacher (again not nurse?) paste plaster.”

I wasn’t crying..but about to. Wahhh…..children are God’s purest form of creation. I just so love my boy & his tender heart.

Latest updates – Xi en is getting much better after dosage of antibiotics. He’s starting to eat & scream for attention too. 🙂

Thank you to all friends & relatives for visiting, praying, buying gifts, love gifts and touching our lives. Sincerely appreciate your acts of love & concern.

Praying now that Xi En will be discharged real soon.

That’s him doing silly things like stuffing tissue into the mask ‘cos he hated wearing it. 🙂


M is for……

Overheard while Kim was showering Xi En:

Daddy asking Xi En: M is for ___  ?

Xi En: M …… ermmm…..

Daddy: M is for Macdonald’s!

Xi En: Errmmmmm….. M is for Mummy!

Daddy: Macdonald’s!

Xi En: Mummy Mummy Mummy!!!!!!

I love my boy and his loyalty towards Mummy over Macdonald’s!

No french fries stand between us hey. Open-mouthed smile


Oh….I just remembered M is for MONDAY too….

Hope your day won’t be too blue! Smile

Surrogate vs the real thing

Sitting on the company bus to work now while my mum and hubby should be busy getting Xi En ready for preschool..

Remembered an article written by a journalist-mummy last week. She said that grandparents are busy being surrogate parents while the real parents are probably just part timers! Quite true.. And after coming back to a 9 to 6 job.. I am feeling this even more.

It’s a choice. & I have chosen otherwise.

Praying Xi en will settle down well in school real soon so my guilt can be lessen… somehow….