Fun Night at Disney on Ice (Treasure Trove)

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It was our first time at Disney on Ice!

And the verdict: we were totally mesmerised! or at least I was! The performers are just fabulous! To maintain a smile while executing figure skating and look glamorous while in thick costumes and heavy shoes, I take my hats off them. The effort is definitely 100%. The producers added small personal touches such as getting some kids to sit in the teapot and have a spin around the rink (Alice in the wonderland) and having a boy light up lantern with Rapunzel and Prince.

Thanks to the good people at Disney on Ice, we had lovely front seats and caught the skating actions up close.

Would strongly recommend that you (the young at heart!) and your young ones head down to catch this show! Xi En is 5 years old this year and I think that’s about the right starting age to kind-of understand and enjoy the show. The older ones will definitely love the colourful costumes, fireworks and Mickey waving at them! Smile

My favorites of the night: Simba (The Lion King) Act and the finale!

Majestic animal costumes and the loving scene between the 2 main leads in Simba won my votes!

And the finale Act with the various Disney couples – just so fairytale! They live happily ever after! Smile

If you haven’t bought your tickets, you can still get them at: Sportshub website. There are still 1 more show later today at 730pm and 3 more shows each on Sat and Sun.

Some tips if you are going over the weekend:

1) Go early. It’s crowded at Kallang Leisure Mall. Everyone will be trying to grab a bite; so if you plan to have something to eat, do go real early. Otherwise eat before going (strongly advised).

2) On event days, the car park rates are increased! So try to  head down early to park at the slightly less expensive charged carpark at Kallang Leisure or open carpark lots nearby.

3) Bring some biscuits/snacks/drinks for the children as there is a short intermission. Or you can purchase popcorn/snacks on sale at the premise. Bring money; they are slightly pricier.

4) Some your children a few Youtube clips before going down. A good hype to create excitement and a prelude so the younger ones will have a rough idea what skating is about.

Lastly, enjoy and have fun as a family! A great family outing without burning too big a hole in the pocket! Smile

Disney on Ice Singapore–Treasure Trove Tickets Giveaway!

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Disney characters are so evergreen that they last for centuries. The Mickey Mouse I knew when I was just a little girl is still the same Mickey with big ears and continue to tickle little children today; leaving us with lasting childhood memories. Ok, he gotten some makeover over time – new clothes and new shoes probably. Smile  But he is still unforgettable right?

Mickey and friends from your favourite Disney Animated films come together for the finale

There are newer films which Disney had produced over the years such as Tangled – it’s 50th film. Whether you are a kid-at-heart or a real child; you shouldn’t miss Disney on Ice Singapore! This year, Disney on Ice Singapore presents Treasure Trove – a magical medley of Disney tales over the years. It will be a skating spectacular 11 performances held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

There will be road shows held at the following malls if you are interested to check out what it’s all about:

JEM: 18 to 23 Feb

Forum: 28 to 2 Mar

West Coast Plaza: 7 to 9 Mar

Novena Square: 14 to 16 Mar

Snow White AND Prince

Tickets can be purchased online at There are some merchant tie-ups for discount promotions as well. Do check out the website for more details.

And the good news for our readers here: Happy to announce that we have a set of 4 tickets to be given away to 1 lucky winner!

Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below and you could be that winner!

Disney on Ice Singapore -Treasure Trove Giveaway powered by Rafflecopter

Note that tickets are only valid for 19th March 2014; 730pm show.

See you there!

Updated as of 18th Feb 2014: The winner is Irene Cheng! You can take a photo with Donald and your boy gets to see Mickey! 🙂 You will be receiving an email shortly on how to collect the tickets.

Thank you for the participation everyone!

The Zalora Shopping Experience


If you enjoy online shopping, Zalora Singapore would be a familiar name to you. If you haven’t quite heard of Zalora, it’s a good time to get acquainted! Smile

Zalora is a fashion e-commerce portal which stocks local and international brands. Their products range from clothing to shoes, accessories, beauty and more. But the most important part which attracted me was the FREE DELIVERY and 30 DAYS FREE RETURN policies.

Just to share my first-hand experience. I chanced upon Zalora about 2 years ago when brick-and-mortar shopping became tougher with the demands of work and family. After kids came along, the luxury of shopping became a rushed event most of the time. With an active boy and napping schedules, shopping is just a grab-and-go affair. To clarify – I am not much of a window shopper to start with. I prefer to “shop-with-a-purpose” and the purpose will be to BUY! Simple hey!

And so, the only spare time I have is when kids are finally fast-asleep at midnight. I would be thinking about that friend’s birthday gift which I haven’t gotten a chance to buy; or that I badly need a pair of black ballet flats as my reliable old one had decided to turn into a snappy crocodile. The best solution at that weird witchy hours is to go online!

My first purchase at Zalora was a whole lot of T-shirts for my husband! I figured that he is a lot easier to please. His size is quite standard and harder to go wrong. Turned out that I got 4 out 6 T-shirts correct. The 2 odd ones – he looked too gay in that pink one and the other was too tight. Kim was pleasantly surprised when I told him I could return that 2 without incurring additional charges and a refund will be possible too. It was a breeze for the return – I just filled up the return forms; dropped them off at the post office and that’s it! The customer service person called a few times to check why I opt to return and if I had received the refund. Overall it was a good first experience.

Subsequently, it became my go-to shopping portal for a variety of items. Shoes, tops, dresses, bags!

Top 3 reasons why I am a returning customer:

1) Free 30 days return. This is just what I need. Most of the time, I am a size 7 but sometimes it can be 8 or 9 depending on the cutting (shoes I am talking about.) Open-mouthed smile Not every online portal has such fuss free return and refund policy.  Most do charge a return shipping cost. A winning policy for me; hands down.

2) Fast delivery. It is fast. fast. fast. Can you imagine their customer service is actually available 7 days a week! I received my purchases within 2 to 3 days most of the time. This is helpful when I need something urgently.

3) Predictive shopping. My guess – Zalora probably hired more IT professionals than merchandisers! It knew that online shopping is not just about providing the right goods. It is also about online presence, remembering customers’ likes, media engagement and more. You will realise that it remember your “viewed” items and promote similar items to you on the same page. When you are “missing” for too long, you will receive an email with some promo codes to nudge you to come by again and spend some money! hahaaa…  It is addictive that way. It is smart that way.

Of course with every business, you won’t get it right 100% all the time. Some customer service personnel will test your patience while you test theirs too. Some paperwork might go missing – happened to me once; but after some rounds of explanation and apologies, they sorted it out. Overall I can say I am a happy customer because dissatisfaction was always rectified promptly and follow ups were sufficient.

Have you bought your Chinese New Year clothes? If not, do swing by to check out ZALORA for CNY Shopping for a wide selection of auspicious-looking sunny clothes! Smile

Have fun shopping!


N.B: This post is part of a discussion with Zalora Singapore. Otherwise all views and opinions expressed remain writer’s own.