Live Well Baby Magazine Oct/Nov 2013

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Did you happened to read about us in there? Yea; bare-faced; no make up type of photos (I meant me; not my babies). Thankfully, the photos are not too enlarged!

PR folks from Fisher-Price kindly mailed the magazine over & I realized we were on print! 🙂

The Fisher-Price Ambassadors Speak Up:



One going into memory lane. 🙂

Playdate with the mates & Fisher-Price toys!

The kind people from Fisher-Price sent boxes of happy toys ahead of a playdate session with Eizac’s friends.

My 2 boys were jumping with excitement when these arrived and there was no stopping them from attacking the boxes. Happy toys indeed. Smile


Majority of these toys are from the Laugh & Learn series. You will hear characteristic tunes from the various toys and all are packed with little surprises for learning opportunities.

Eizac and Xi En couldn’t wait to lay their hands on the toys and very soon Xi En could sing along to some of the songs and catchy phases as such “Hmmm Hmmm something smells yummy; time to put something in my tummy!”

The Laugh & Learn series of toys are designed to incorporate learning in the various toys. There are always more than a few songs in each toy; teach on numbers, alphabets, feelings and manners –which is so adept for today’s kids in my opinion. Teaching kids to mind their “P” and “Q” starts from a young age and how good it is to have toys to reinforce such principles.

My 2 boys had a go (or rather many rounds) with the new toys and they are loving it! Smile

Storytime Puppy: This is one good value toy as it packs 40+ songs & phases and tells you stories eagerly with his nodding of head and flapping of hands.

We organised a little playdate with 2 of Eizac’s young friends – Keyan and Joash. Best part of play dates for me is to catch up with friends and share parenting stories.

Play dates or for that matter, all gatherings, are not complete without food (in my opinion at least!)

Kyan and his Daddy and Mummy arrived first and little Kyan was such a darling; entertained himself in the Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Rocker while everyone tucked in.

The young friends gathered at our small play corner and had a go with all the Fisher-Price toys.

Little People’s highlights of the day:

Baby Keyan is the youngest of the 3 babes. At 5+ months, he took a liking to the smaller toys such as the Learning Keys and the detachable spoon from the Learning Table. Good idea to have detachable items so we can all care and share!

Baby Joash is 6+ months and at the stage of exploring and “tasting” everything! Everything is a lollipop! Smile with tongue out Lick Lick, Nom Nom.

Eizac is the oldest of the 3 boys; at 10+ months. He can sit up on his own, loves his food and learning to read our expressions. Babbles a whole lot of baby words. 🙂

It was full-filled afternoon for our little friends and from what we gathered, Fisher-Price toys had done themselves well in entertaining our friends and scored well in the music and educational front especially with the mummies!


If you would like to win a Fisher-Price toy for your little ones, cousins, nephews/nieces, neighbors or whoever, Fisher-Price is kindly giving away 2 fun toys for readers of this blog!

1) The Learning Camera. It’s the same one as featured above. Suitable for 6 to 36 months. It comes with lights and sounds. There are 4 sing-along songs which help baby learn about counting, colors, feelings and more.

Laugh & Learn Learning Camera

2) Sing-a-ma-jigs (Dark Purple) – Cute and Zany; They are the latest singing sensation! This comes with 3 different ways to play: Chatter, Sing a Song and Harmonize. Squeeze their tummies to see them open their mouths to chatter and sing!

Sing-a-ma-jigs (Dark Purple)

All you need to do is:

1) Leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what you is the most important thing you look out for when purchasing a toy. Please leave an email address so you can be contacted when you win!

2) Share this blog post on Facebook and tag me (Evelyn Neo) so I know it’s done. You can copy and paste the link on your FB page or use the “FB share this button” at the end of this post.

That’s all! Smile Simple ya? Come join in the fun!

Closing date: 11th Dec 2013, Wednesday; 2359hrs. Winners will be drawn randomly and updated on this blog post.  Fisher-Price will contact the lucky 2 winners and deliver the prizes to you!

Open to residents in Singapore only.

Good luck! Smile


12th Dec 2013:

Winners of the Playdate Giveaway randomly drawn by my 2 VIPs. Congrats; you would have received an email from me and Fisher-Price PR company will be in touch shortly too!

Commenter No. 12: qqsawmoi – You won The Learning Camera!

Winner! Congrats!

Winner! Congrats!

Commenter No. 5: Jolin – You won the Sing-a-ma-jigs (purple)

Congrats - you are a winner!

Congrats – you are a winner!

Disclaimer: As part of the Play Ambassador programme, we were gifted with the Fisher-Price toys featured on this post. No other compensation had been received.

SHAPE RUN 2013–the stroller version!

A follow up post from the introduction of Capella CONY stroller; we were supposed to complete a 2.4KM run in July 2013 organised by SHAPE.

This was postponed due to the horrible haze during that time and it finally took place last weekend!

True to be told: I am never the first to put up for hands for a run; save a 2.4KM run! It is a tall order for a self-professed couch potato… But in the spirit of good fun I signed Eizac and myself up for the SHAPE run 2013 in the Stroller Fun Run Category.

We had a practice run at Bishan Park a month ago and lasted a good 1.5KM without much fuss.

On the actual run day, we joined a group of blogger mummies and their cutie babies for a bright early morning run. 

Shaperun 9

(Photo credits)

We were the last one to arrive at the assembly area because I lost my way! Thankfully, it was easy to spot 9 other mummies and their babies in Capella strollers. Hard to miss such a scene ya. 😛

It was a difficult morning because Eizac was woken up from his slumber and in a dazed mood. He decided he didn’t want any milk till we arrived at the race site. And so I had to feed him from the beginning of the race all the way till the finish line! Well, almost!

(Photo credits)

Photo credits:

It probably felt like the longest 2.4KM run in my life! Armed with a highly disagreeable boy with bawling lungs and endless tears, I just had to pick him up from the stroller and walked our way through the route.

Eizac is normally good with sitting sit in the stroller for a walk in the park or market; but that morning was just a little tougher for him given the morning heat and lack of sleep and milk. Thankfully, I had the company of 2 other mummies who “strolled” with us as I lugged a 8kg boy in one hand and handled the stroller with another hand. The stroller is steady enough for a one hand handling but do make sure you get some practice with this – I have perfected it with my 2 boys. :p

Despite a fussy boy, it was good fun. Our Capella stroller was put to test with navigating through the uneven grass patches at the gathering area to the hard and rough roads. Overall it was a decent experience with Capella even though I was moving alone with Eizac. We travelled light for the run and I totally like it’s practicality as a everyday stroller. For the records, we lasted the run and made it back in one piece (all 3 of us – stroller included!)

A special thank you to Capella for sponsoring the stroller and its’ PR team for actively making this event a smooth one. Thank you fellow mummy bloggers for the encouragement to run and the company to finish the run! This is a personal level unlocked! Open-mouthed smile

(Photo credits)


Disclaimer: We were given a Capella CONY Stroller for the purpose of a review and participation in SHAPE RUN 2013. All opinions and photos remain writer’s own unless otherwise stated.