Kaboodle Kids

We started 2016 with an amazing time at Kaboodle Kids!

A different sort of indoor playground; Kaboodle Kids is also known as an Imagination Playground. Here you get nearly 500 big blue blocks to roll, build, carry and even sit on!

Located at Block B, Level 2, East Coast Parkway (Big Splash), it boast of a sizeable play area for kids’ imagination to run wild. No pre-built slides or playgrounds here; instead our little ones are free to build their own play structures. Everything is only limited by your imagination. No worries if you are concerned about where and how to start. Here, the staff (play crew) is adept in engaging children in free play with the blocks. There are also helpful guide books if you are more adventurous to create bigger structures.

Kaboodle Kids encourages learning through playing, social development, motor skills and of course good old fun! Accordingly to the founder and director Tan Mui Jin: “Kaboodle Kids is different and unique from other traditional playgrounds in that we are Singapore’s first indoor playgrounds of its kind to use Imagination Playground exclusively”.

Granted you might see similar small quantities of such blocks in other indoor playgrounds, but Kaboodle Kids allows exclusive space to be creative which might otherwise be limited elsewhere.

Initially I was concerned if these were sufficient to keep my 2 energizer bunnies occupied and interested. My worries were unfounded. Both boys asked to stay for the maximum time we were invited for and requested to return for more!

With children of fellow bloggers, they turned the whole place upside down! Fortunately, they won’t be reprimanded for making a mess. Instead, they are encouraged to develop their cognitive skills as they go about playing.

Rest assured, The staff here clean up the whole place every night and re-assemble impressive structures to welcome enthusiastic young ones everyday.

After we paused for a quick lunch, the play crew got the whole place back to looking great again!:

Talking about lunch, there is a Party Room which can be rented in conjunction with celebrations. We were kindly treated to a different sort of party fare catered from Pondok Gurame – which is located within the vicinity. Yummylicious Indonesia food goes down very well with the adults (especially those who love spices – ME!). Special non-spicy portions for the children can be requested too. You can choose to bring in your own caterer or opt to carter from the various food establishments (e.g. Sakae Sushi) which Kaboodle Kids collaborate with.

After lunch, the young troop seemed to regain more energy and could go on for hours if we didn’t put a stop to it. 😀

If you didn’t have enough fun, there are also these cutesy little and mini blue blocks which you can purchase and continue the fun at home albeit in a smaller scale!

And here’s a chance to experience this place for yourself and your little ones! Kaboodle Kids is kindly sponsoring 10 COMPLIMENTARY ENTRIES for our readers!

Each entry will admit 1 child (3 years old and above) and 2 adults to unlimited play on weekdays OR 2 hours playtime on weekends and public holidays.

Here’s here to be one of the 10 winners:

1) Visit Evespiration at our Facebook Page. Likes are appreciated (so you can get latest updates on the page!) but not required.

2) Visit Kaboodle Kids at their Facebook Page. Likes are appreciated but not required.

3) Give a like on this Facebook post and comment with the answer to this question: where is Kaboodle Kids located? Full address not required; just the general location. 🙂

This is a time sensitive giveaway! First 10 correct comments received will be granted the entries. Once again, please remember to leave your email address or email it to me at evespiration@gmail.com so we can contact you accordingly. Complimentary entries will be valid till  31st March 2016 so you have plenty of time to use them.

P.S: Kaboodle Kids is open on 8th and 9th Feb 2016 (Chinese New Year public holidays!) You have a place to go if you need a break from the CNY feasting/visiting.

N.B: We were invited for a play-visit at Kaboodle Kids. No further compensation were received. All opinions and photos and loads of fun are ours. 🙂

Celebrate Christmas with SpongeBob SquarePants at City Square Mall

Media Invite

Are your kids a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants?

I happened to have a fan at home. Xi En enjoyed the jokes from the cartoon (though, honestly I am not a huge fan)>:P. Well, at least he has his Daddy for company.

We went down for the all-new live show at City Square Mall which features SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick Star preparing to celebrate the Krabby Patty burger. Everyone is invited to the party!


My favorite character has to be Patrick. He is just too cute with his starry shape. 😀


Look out too, for grouchy Plankton who stuck around trying to steal the secret recipe for Krabby Patty.

Xi En enjoyed the live show and couldn’t wait to take a photo with some of his favourite cartoon characters. He was too shy to hug SpongeBob though. 😛


This year, City Square Mall also set up an outdoor SpongeBob Playland at the City Green gate. With a minimum spend of $30, shoppers get to redeem a SpongeBob Playland activity pass at Level 2 Customer Service Counter. There are various activities which are suitable for age 3 and above. We only managed to try 2 of the activities as there was a heavy downpour in the afternoon. So, do check out the weather forecast to plan your activities.






If you plan to catch SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Celebration “Live” on Stage, it’s ending soon on 20th December 2015 (Sun)!

There are shows everyday except Monday. 2pm & 7pm (Tues – Fri); 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Sat & Sun). The outdoor PlayLand ends on 3rd Jan 2016.

Do check out City Square Mall website for more details on other related promotions – https://citysquaremall.com.sg/promotions.php

Well, there is always the wet weather plan even if it is rainy season. We ducked indoors for ZooMoov! The animal rides are great fun for my kids any. time. any. where. 😀


On a side note, we found a relatively new eatery at Level 2 – Face to Face Noodles (面对面). I ate at their outlet in Johor Bahru many times when I was working in JB. Happy to find it here now. It’s a slightly different concept but the quality is quite similar and their famous Chilli Pan Mee is yummilicous! Here, they provided pre-packed chilli whereas in JB we heaped on the special chilli freely at the table. 😀 Prices are of course more expensive here (about S$8.90 for a bowl of noodles before GST and service charge). Wished I can pay Ringgit but it’s good enough to have them import the noodles and chilli here. 🙂

If you are a chilli fan, enjoy chewy noodles with Hong Kong style char siew, don’t forget to try it out and let me know if you liked it too? 🙂

 Face to Face

StickerKid (& a Giveaway!)

Are your children heading to childcare or starting primary school soon? When Xi En started childcare 2 years back, one of the important things I did was to buy personalised stickers to differentiate his belongings. Some of them lasted well while some of the cheaper ones didn’t made it after a few washes. When I ran out of stickers, I used permanent marker pens to mark his towels and socks! Those didn’t work too well either as they smudged after repeated washes.

Recently, we received a Discovery Stickerkid pack (94 stickers) from StickerKid and these are personalized with choices of fonts, icons and languages.

Here are Top 3 reasons why we loved them:

1) Different sizes & shapes available

From heart, big, middle, small and round shapes, you get a variety to fit almost everything you own!

Image source

2) Personalised and customised

From the Discovery Stickerkid pack, I personalised one set for myself! I used them for my water bottle, laser pointer and sunglasses cover (because it’s the same as my husband!). As I used these items at work frequently, it is high time I put some stickers on them to prevent them from getting lost.

Also, you can use different languages – I put in Mandarin names and it worked well. The preview page gives you a good idea how the fonts will turn out. Some stickers even offer name labels with your own photo.

There is an option for up to 3 lines of words/numbers for the bigger stickers such as the shoe sticker. These are useful if you want to add a contact number for lost and found purposes.

I liked it that I can personalised every set of stickers on a single order/value pack. This way, different names can share an order. Everyone is happy. 😀

3) Good Quality

These are Swiss-made. Period. Almost all things I know Swiss-made are of good quality. Swiss knives anyone? 😛

These stickers are water resistant, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, freezer and fridge SAFE!

Though we haven’t actually put it through all the above tests, the stickers are still in good condition after daily washes of our drinking bottles.

Also, the iron-on clothes stickers are easily removable if you intend to pass on the clothes to others or the younger brother. 🙂

With school commencing in just 4 weeks, it’s time to personalise and get those labelling done! Do check our StickerKid’s website on how to order.

Here’s a GIVEAWAY to start you off:

StickerKid had kindly sponsored a set of Discover StickerKid (60 small stickers, 20 clothing stickers, 14 shoe stickers) for one lucky winner.

All you need to do it:

1) Visit StickerKid on their Facebook page. “Like” them if you like them. 🙂

2) Visit Evespiration on our Facebook page and answer a simple question to take part in this giveaway.

Giveaway starts from now till 14th December 2015; 2349hrs. A winner will be chosen randomly. All the best!

N.B: We received a complimentary pack of Discover StickerKid stickers for the purpose of this review. No further compensation had been received.