Shanghai nite

We (as in Kim & I) just came back from Shanghai. It’s our first longest trip out of the country without Xi En.

I had thought that we would miss each other a lot (read: separation anxiety)… But interesting to note that Xi En didn’t quite missed us that much…errm.. & neither did we! Perhaps thanks to technology (FaceTime) & a hectic schedule. 🙂

It’s wasn’t my first trip to Shanghai but possibly the first which I learnt most about the city & traveling..

In the past; I literally “walked” my way to shanghai by working on board the plane.. But as a passenger I am seemingly a little more nervous about the take off/landing & turbulence. It’s weird that I think nothing of those in the past; putting absolute trust in the air crew team.. Perhaps age is catching up… Perhaps I have a cutie pie to go back to… 🙂

In any case, Shanghai is interesting. The disparity between poor & rich is obvious. From chatting with the masseur on the lack of democracy to the taxi driver on high land prices to looking at the affluent who could afford a trip out of the country….. It’s every part of an emerging city. Singaporeans are still looked upon as wealthy & well-travelled by Chinese nationals.
That explains why a shop keeper took away a RMB 5 sign and said it’s RMB 15 when I started getting interested in the product. 🙂 I didn’t buy it in the end..of course. Didn’t want to be made a mickey out of my head.


Next – Food ; glorious food – my best meal of the trip was at 新吉市 @ 新天地。

Super yummy: braised fatty pork with chestnut, sweet corn with pine nuts, some veg with ham, braised noodle (my fav), mantou eaten with honey (surprisingly refreshing). a must try!


Lastly, a place worth checking out is @ 天潼路 mrt station area.


Blocks & blocks of wholesale fashion to Knick knacks. This is where retailers go for their stocks. Go if you don’t have a faint heart to navigate through piles of clothes/bags thrown on the floor & if you can take poor ventilation.
Tip: the blocks furthest away from the train stocked the cheapest goods! But they are also the messiest & smelliest blocks! Go armed with water, a fan & trolley like what the locals do. 🙂

It’s was a really tiring trip I need a break from my break. ^_^

M is for……

Overheard while Kim was showering Xi En:

Daddy asking Xi En: M is for ___  ?

Xi En: M …… ermmm…..

Daddy: M is for Macdonald’s!

Xi En: Errmmmmm….. M is for Mummy!

Daddy: Macdonald’s!

Xi En: Mummy Mummy Mummy!!!!!!

I love my boy and his loyalty towards Mummy over Macdonald’s!

No french fries stand between us hey. Open-mouthed smile


Oh….I just remembered M is for MONDAY too….

Hope your day won’t be too blue! Smile