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New year, new look!

Decided to make this blog look like mine.

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Claude Dambreville : What inspires her/eve ….. The blog’s name came about after some nights of dreaming what tagline to use. It’s a little cheesy but otherwise useable. Smile

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1st Jan 2012

First thing we did today – went to church in the morning. First day of 2012 – we choose to honour God. Actually, today fell on Sunday. that’s why. It’s important nonetheless. 🙂

2nd thing we did today – Flew a kite at Marina Barrage.


Today….. I learnt how to fly a kite! Don’t laugh. It looks easy but it ain’t that easy!

Kim and I struggled for a while before we could get the kite up in the sky. I learnt that one was supposed to wind back the strings and let go at critical stages when the wind blew.


Totally life lessons.

It’s all about giving and receiving.

It’s all about let Go and let God.

It’s all about letting the hurts, pains, regrets of the past years fly up in the sky and worry no more…..

It’s easy said than done of course. But we all live on don’t we.

Anyhow, I just realised today how refreshing flying a kite can be…… Smile

2012, here I come!


I was lost in Korea

Kind of.. I didn’t quite went there for a holiday. Just totally addicted to Korean drama serials for the last few months! Well, to be fair I was busy with work for 2 months and then the rest of the months were left chasing after Korean stars. Lost in the world of “saranghee” (I love you in Korean)…..

Back now because I probably finished all the big hits – some 20 serials in 2 months… not a small feat huh. Smile with tongue out

On a more serious note, over this year, I got to know more mummies who were facing similar pregnancy situations as I was in before. Will be sharing about her story in the next post. Smile

As for my adorably mischievous boy, Xi En had grown up so much! He’s now 29 months (non-corrected).

Just to document some of the milestones in his life so these serve as memories in the future! Smile

Xi En can hum/sing the following songs:

1) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (both English and Chinese version)

2) Baa Baa Black Sheep

3) Doe a Deer

4) Incy wincy spider

5) Barney I love you song

6) ABC

7) Happy Birthday (coupled with saliva-blowing candles action)

8) Teddy Bear

9) Jesus loves me this I know (this was the song we sang to him when he was in NICU)

10) Once I caught a fish alive

the rest – I can’t remember for now. Smile

Xi En ‘s favourite cartoon/TV characters are (in order of LIKES) – Hi-5, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Thomas the train. He loves dancing to Hi-5 songs. Eat,drink,sleep Hi-5!



He enjoys running around, spinning, climbing, hiding; basically any physical activities.




No, he don’t exactly like books. Confused smile unless it’s i-books of course.

Speaking of which, he’s a mini expert in Ipad/Iphone. He can swipe, pinch, shake, change volume and check out Youtube on his own…… No, he don’t know how to key in the passwords….yet.


Xi En can wear his own sandals and shoes now. Though sometimes left became right and vice versa – but he’s getting there. Smile

He learnt how to pose too:

Ugly face:



smiley/cute face:

smile 1


Hold-still-and-let-mummy-take-silly-photo face:



I can go on and on about the boy in my life. Stopping for now. Smile


“We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open.”

Harry Edwards