RSV Infection

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) which causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages was what got Xi En hospitalized 3 weeks back.

It is a common cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia. Apparently many kids are infected with RSV at least once by the time they are 2 years old. Those who are at higher risk are premature infants with congenital heart or chronic lung disease.

Xi En started with a normal runny nose, cough and low-grade fever. It escalated to wheezing, loss in appetite and spikes of fever after a day. The third day he was breathless and coughing non-stop with a built-up of phlegm. We rushed him to the hospital A&E in the morning and were chastened by doctor why we didn’t bring him in any earlier. Sad smile (Did we know better?)

This is the first time we didn’t need to wait to see a doctor. They came almost rushing to us! We actually didn’t realise the severity of Xi En’s condition till then.

The doctors were anxious that he was born a preemie with some lungs issue (not chronic, thank God). They wanted to monitor him and ensure his situation was stable before letting him home. We camped for 4 days 3 night at KKH in the end. It’s a different form of stayacation huh except you are forced to wake up 2-3 hourly for medication! We were glad to be “released” home anyway.

It’s always worrying for all parents (and grandparents) when the little ones fall ill.  Thank God Xi En has so far recovered from RSV infection and we pray this is the last we see of it. Smile

Anyone need a saxophonist?

My little boy was born with a half collapsed lung and needed breathing machines to save his life.

But he has come a long long way – strong lungs now! Smile God is good! Smile

Xi En “playing” his saxophone

Xi En & his many entertaining ways

It’s interesting how toddlers grow up. They do those things which are silly but oh-so-cute! Smile 

Xi En never fails to amuse me – especially with his cheeky look!

Some of his moments:

When his Po Po was going overseas, Xi En decided to help out… by packing himself in:


Imitating his Po Po in combing his ermm.. precious little hair. Good effort though! Smile 

comb hair

Running away with a pack of fishball at the supermarket:


Blending in? Contortionist? : 

in the shelf

2nd performing act:

under table

(Actually he was looking for his run-away ball!Smile)

And of course how can he NOT have a dance on the table!

on the table

That’s my boy: Smile