Back to work

It has been a while since I last blogged. Just returned to work one week back… thus explaining the absence from the blogging scene. Beside missing Xi En terribly first day back at work, missing part of his developments and growth gave me a sudden impulsive urge to quit too! But knowing that I don’t make a very good SAHM (stay-at-home-mum), I decided to continue as a FTWM (full-time-working-mum). Both are equally demanding in my opinion…. Anyway, some updates on Xi En.


1) He is starting to focus better on you; on faces and things in general:


looking at u

Looking cute and adorable. 🙂


2) He is loving his “chicken wings”!


Trying to find his fingers:

trying hard

trying to find his fingers



i got it

look mummy! I got it! yum yum yum!


Enjoying it:

llove my wings

l love my "wings"!


3) Xi En also had his first 6-in-1 immunization jab. Came down with a fever the next morning. Poor boy; He didn’t have much appetite and was in a very tired mood. We sponged him (he didn’t like it), gave him medication and took his temperature every hour (a little paranoid, yes). Thank God, all went well and his fever subsided within a few days. 🙂


sponging bb

sponging baby





up and about

looking good and happy once again!

 That’s all the updates for now.. till I find more time to write. 😉

My Acupuncture Experience

Because of my freak accident, I suffered a very bad strain on my lower back. Western medicine only consist of painkillers which isn’t a long term solution in my opinion. As such, I decided to try out Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Decided to go for acupuncture as recommended by my aunt. Admittedly, I was rather nervous about during my first acupuncture experience. The thought of having needles going through my flesh… hmm.. not exactly fun,huh? Many told me, it is just like an “ant bite”. I was wondering, how does an ant bite feel? I haven’t been bitten by an ant before; saved those red fiery ants’ which are really painful! I certainly hope it isn’t like an “ant bite”!


Conclusion, the physician was rather professional/quick and the needles were “poked” through my pain within minutes. What I didn’t know is that she wanted to add on electric current to the needles! So, there I laid on the treatment bed, with several needles and electric current flowing through them! You bet, I didn’t dare to move an inch till the whole treatment is over!


Nevertheless, the results proved to be satisfactory, I have since went back for 2 more sessions of acupuncture. Accordingly to the physician, the injured area can never be back to its previous form; but it is at least 90% there. 🙂 Try acupuncture if you do have some sprains/chronic pain. It works and trust me – it is just like an “ant bite”! 😛








Poor boy, when we were cutting his fingernails, the thumb got into the way and .. OUCH!! This happened not once but twice – on the same thumb furthermore! 😦

Can someone tell me how not to end up like that?


plaster on thumb