Updates on Xi En:

The main issue now is his oxygen saturation level (SpO2). The level was fluctuating a fair bit. Thus, Xi En had been given a blood transfusion last Sunday and also a maximum dosage of caffeine. The doctors have also done a series of blood tests and concluded that he didn’t show any signs of infection and his haemoglobin level is healthy after the blood transfusion. (PTL! :)) Doctors are saying that the condition is still probably due to his prematurity.


Yesterday, his weight stands at 1.82kg and he is tolerating the feeds well. Right now, we are praying his SpO2 level will continue to stabilise so that he can start learning how to bottle feed. At which, once Xi En can coordinate drinking milk on his own + breathing properly, he will be on his way home very soon. 🙂

Please continue to pray that Xi En’s oxygen saturation level will stabilise (that he won’t require any more blood transfusion nor breathing assistance); he will continue to gain weight and have no signs of infection.

We know that many uncles and aunties can’t wait to see and cuddle him. Thus featuring more pictures of him while we wait. 🙂


Xi En's little hand being tapped down due to iv drip

Xi En's little hand being tapped down due to iv drip


Xi En drinking milk 2

Xi En drinking milk 2


Daddy carrying xi en

Daddy carrying Xi En

A phone call at 6:30am

Yesterday early in the morning at 6:30am, I heard Kim’s mobile ringing. My heart skipped a beat. NO ONE WILL CALL SO EARLY IN THE MORNING! Intuitively, I knew it must be the hospital. Kim picked up the phone and I listened with trepidation at the side.

It is from the hospital. The nurse said that they have done a haemoglobin test on Ethen and found it to be on the lower end. Thus he was given a blood transfusion at 3am. We understand that premature babies might not be able to produce enough red blood cells necessary to bring adequate oxygen to the body. As such, they tend to require red blood cells transfusion.

This is already Ethen’s 3rd blood transfusion ever since birth. It is heart wrenching to see his hand inserted with a plug and tapped down. Personally having 5 iv drips done on me during my stay in the hospital, I know it can be painful and very uncomfortable. This is so for an adult; what more an infant less than 4 weeks old….

We are praying he will react well to the blood transfusion and do not require more in the future. The good news is Ethen is still gaining weight; at 1.74kg yesterday. 🙂


Here’s looking at you, babe!

Latest update – Ethen’s weight is currently 1.57kg and he has “graduated” to the special care nursery (SCN). He is off all drips and caffeine (no more coffee addict! haa..). Right now, he only has a feeding tube for milk to flow direct into his tummy and some monitoring devices. His cheeks have also grown rosier and chubbier! And….. for the first time, Daddy and Mummy could carry him as he is no longer in an incubator. 🙂

For most parents, it is beyond describable words when you get to hold your little one for the first time. And the feeling of being able to cuddle your baby only weeks after he is born is packed with emotions which probably not all understand….

It is right to say pictures paint a thousand words. Look at the 3 happy faces! 🙂



Carrying Ethen


Xi En drinking milk