Lunch alone with Boy

A Mom’s life.

While having bee Hoon fish soup lunch ALONE with your boy; u smelt a fart (obviously its ur boy’s because its quite recognizable)…

“Mummy, my tummy pain pain”

“Do u need to poo poo?”

“No, I want 风油 (medicated oil)”

Now.. Mummy don’t carry oil around in her bag everywhere!

“Babe, we will apply some when we reach home”

(desperate attempt to divert his attention)

“Mummy.. I want to poo poo”
Ok, no oil, Boy wants to poo. Now . Now . NOW!!!

Lunch is 1/2 way through (ONLY!)


Mummy is alone with Boy…

“Can you hold while we finish lunch”

Legs crossed, hands on tummy; face distorted; 1 more fart came out.

No, Boy can’t hold. & No, Mummy doesn’t want to wipe poo off food court’s chair.

Shoved 2 more spoons of hot soup into own mouth & Boy’s mouth.

Made a bee hive dash to nearest loo.

Placed Boy on a nicely toilet-papered laced loo’s seat.

“Mummy, I want to pee”

“Yes, you can pee”

“Mummy, can I pee pee?”

“Yes, quick. & Poop at the same time”

Boy pee. Mummy waited.

“Mummy, I’m done”

Pee. Check.

Poo. Unchecked.

“babe, where’s the poo? I thought you wanna poo?”

“No, I only want to pee”

There goes Mummy’s lunch.


Book Review–“Today I am” & a Worldwide Giveaway!

We received a “fishy” book recently from the Fish Book Co for a book review. Thankfully it’s not “smelly” and lasted through the postman. 🙂


In fact, I am pleasantly surprised with this 52 pages of brightly illustrated  fishy tale entitled -Today I Am”. There are a total of 20 emotions expressed by vividly drawn fishes. Each doubled page opens out to 1 emotion and 1 fish drawn to express that emotion. The author had definitely thought through and carefully choose the appropriate colors and expressions to bring out each emotion.

For example:

“Sad” is watered down with teary streaky strokes and a “blue” (literally) fish:



“Today I Am” ‘s target audience is aged 2-7 years old toddlers. At 4 years old, Xi En is learning to spell, recognize words and be in (sometimes out of) tune with his emotions. We read through this book together and he is curious about some of the words which he had never came across – eg, “CURIOUS”. He asked me what is “PROUD”; “CONTENT” and even “JEALOUS”! I found it tough to explain some of these profound emotions with words and thus mimicking the fishes’ expressions helped a lot!

Xi En trying hard with “PROUD”:


We also have a go with the easier ones such as “HAPPY”; “FURIOUS” and “SHOCKED”. I totally love how the author – Miles Van Hout – managed to bring life into the book through simple one-word per page drawings. These hand-drawn pictorial on black background caught Xi En’s attention too. He enjoyed tracing each word and learn spelling along the way too.


His favourite of all the pages is (don’t you just love the little one plucking up courage to be in a dark sea of unknown):



My brave boy; just like your Christian name “Ethen” – be strong, courageous and brave!

This book is a keeper for us. Not one which you can read for ages but definitely one of educational value which parents can expound further with their children.

If you are keen to get hold of one, you can swing by the Rise & Shine Expo 2013 at Suntec City Convention Centre from 27th to 29th Sept 2013 to catch the fishes’ debut public appearance. Retail price (before GST) is S$20.

And now the good news – GIVEAWAY TIME:

Fish Book Co is kindly hosting a worldwide giveaway form 5 readers of this blog! To be eligible for a random draw, just share with us: “Today I Am ___(an emotion)___”. Do remember to put in your name and email address so we can contact the winners!  Fish Book Co will be mailing these colorful books to 5 lucky winners. Giveaway will end on 25th August 2013 2359hrs (Singapore time).

Fish Book Co is also on Facebook. Do like their page for more splashy fishy updates.

“Today I Am” is an award-wining book and was first published in the Netherlands. It has since been translated to many languages. Singapore-based Fish Book Co holds the book’s rights to Southeast Asia and has plans to translate “Today I Am” into Chinese, Bahasa, Thai, Viet and other languages for distribution throughout the region. It’s also available as an eBook app in Apple Store for Ipads.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary “Today I Am” book as part of a book review. No other monetary compensation had been received. Opinions and photos are author’s own.


Announcing the winners for this giveaway! Sorry it’s delayed due to a busy schedule!

And the winners randomly drawn by my son are:

1) Robert Sim

2) Rena Tan

3) Citra

4) Kristie

5) Samantha Ding

Congratulations! Fish Book Co will be in touch to send the books to you! 🙂 Happy reading to your kids!

Gymkraft + Giveaways!

<Invited trial class>

What did you do over the weekend? Something fun? Something interesting?

Xi En had some F.U.N last weekend. 🙂

Together with some mummies from SMB, we were invited to a trial class with Gymkraft. It’s a huge  7000 over sqft training ground located in a quiet corner of Guillemard Crescent (former Singapore Badminton Hall). Gymkraft is the first in Singapore to build a Parkour training facility and a 12 metre high Aerial Silk training facility too. It’s fully equipped for the real gymnast in you.

Gymkraft organises lessons for the adults to the kids; varying from Adult gym, Ariel Gym, BeGym, KinGym, Parkour 101 (apparently gaining popularity among the youngsters these days!) and many more.


We were on the look out for activities which will expend Xi En’s energy given that he’s always on the move! It’s his first gym attempt besides his regular mini gym class in school. I was concerned if he might be willing to join the class and enjoy it too.

My worries were unfounded. He loved it!

There were 2 coaches for the day and they patiently ran through warm-ups, practiced routines and gently coaxed the little ones into performing  various gym moves.

Willie explained that 3 years old is the minimum age for this class as they do not use music or visionary aids. Instead, they concentrate on the core technics of gymnastics and thus require the children to be able to follow instructions.

Xi En took to this like a fish in the water. He followed the class well and look at those flexible limbs! I am convinced that it’s best to start young……


Are you keen for your kids to try this out too? Good News!

GymKraft is generously offering 3 trial classes each for BeGym & KinGym AND 4 trial classes to Parkour!

Total of 10 winners for this giveaway!

Age group/Time for the various classes are:

BeGym: 3 to 5 years old (Sat 10am to 11am)

KinGym: 5 years to 10 years on (Sat 11am to 12pm)

Parkour: 7 to 12 years on (Sat 4pm to 530pm)

If you are keen to win these trial lessons, check out the following simple steps:

1) “Like” Gymkraft Facebook page.

2) Enter a comment under this post. Include why you would like your child to try GymKraft, age of your child, which trial lesson are you keen in, your FB name (which you used in Step 1) and your email.


Giveaway contest will be opened till 5th May 2013; 2359hrs

Winners will be picked randomly using and announced/updated on this blog post.

Gymkraft will contact winners via email for scheduling of trial lessons.

Disclosure: We were invited for a trial class with GymKraft. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions are writer’s own impression during the class.

Updates on results (7th May 2013)

Congrats to all those who left a comment for this giveaway! You are all winners! Gymkraft will be in touch shortly for redemption of the trial classes for your child. Have fun! 🙂