Mummy’s new toy

It’s a Olympus EPM-1 Pen Mini!


When you become a mummy, you love taking photos even more! Smile Kim got me a light-weight camera with DSLR photo qualities!

Just want I need… can’t imagine lugging a full-on DSLR along when I need to run after a toddler!

One review said that this is for the soccer-mummy who wants interchangeable lens with more power but is afraid of too many buttons and a complicated interface. Sounds like moi. Smile

Everything is made simple with this camera.

We tested the camera and it’s amazing! Yet to test out the DSLR functions. Just the regular auto, scene and art modes.

These are the day shots:

A very unwilling pose:


That’s a wide yawn! watch the files!


with Mummy:


with Daddy:


Indoor shot (taken by Po Po):

Dressing up at the library:


We were at ilight Marina Bay last weekend to test out the night shots.

Night photos turned out decent.. but could be better with a tripod of course..

The “Wonder full” light and water show for the night. Very entertaining for both young and old.


One of my favourite shots of the night:




Another lovely shot:


The stickmen in normal mode:


The stickmen in pop art mode:


One of the few night portraits  which turned out alright…


Overall, very satisfied with the new camera! Smile

Surrogate vs the real thing

Sitting on the company bus to work now while my mum and hubby should be busy getting Xi En ready for preschool..

Remembered an article written by a journalist-mummy last week. She said that grandparents are busy being surrogate parents while the real parents are probably just part timers! Quite true.. And after coming back to a 9 to 6 job.. I am feeling this even more.

It’s a choice. & I have chosen otherwise.

Praying Xi en will settle down well in school real soon so my guilt can be lessen… somehow….


Claude Dambreville

New year, new look!

Decided to make this blog look like mine.

Now the link to this blog will be

Claude Dambreville : What inspires her/eve ….. The blog’s name came about after some nights of dreaming what tagline to use. It’s a little cheesy but otherwise useable. Smile

Hope my readers will like this and do leave a comment when you dropped by. Bloggers need comments to write on. Smile Thanks!