The Walkacholic

Back! Finally after 2 busy weeks. 🙂 With the recent new government cooling of properties measures, it had been a busy 2 weeks coupled with courses to attend as well.


Of course, nothing beats coming home to see a smiling Xi En. 🙂


Xi En is becoming more and more active. He is what I called a “walkacholic” now! He loves to walk walk walk walk walk walk… almost non-stop! He cannot walk on his own yet. But he sure is trying hard! He uses the following to help him take his first steps out:


1) Baby walker

This is probably his favourite till now as he can zoom around freely. 🙂



baby walker


2) Baby Toy Walker


He needs assistance in pushing this around. So not quite his favourite but he loves playing with it stationery.


baby toy walker


3) Anyone’s 2 hands


All of us take turns to hold his 2 hands up (so we won’t break our backs!) and walk him around. He will be groping around for hands when he wants to stand and walk this way.


walking assisted with 2 hands


4) Anyone’s 1 hand

We are trying to advance him to this stage as the physiotherapist told us that by his corrected 1 year’s birthday, he should be able to walk assisted with 1 hand. But he is not quite stable in this mode yet. I am always worried that he might twist his hand while walking this way!


walking assisted with 1 hand


5) Grandma’s invented way of walking – with Daddy’s swirl roller chair!

Xi En can’t walk too far in this as the legs of the chair kept getting in the way. But it is sure one innovative method! 😛


walking with chair


Finally, one video of Xi En’ taking his first independent few steps. Sweet success of balancing by himself and trotting forward! Well done baby! 🙂

More photos & video – Xi En’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Just to record down more of Xi En’s 1st birthday celebration which I missed out on the earlier post:


1) Cake

Many were asking me where the yummy cake and pastries were from. I was blog-surfing and remembered reading a recommendation on Ed’s blog. So I decided to give it a try! The cake is from Pat’s Pastry but the design (ONE) is modified from another website. 🙂 The filling is chocolate truffle and it is so yummy! I also ordered some mini apple strudels and assorted cheesecakes from the same place. This place is definitely worth another visit!



birthday cake


2) Buffet

Food is from Neo’s Garden. Too bad, not related to my family at all. Food was overall average in my opinion. The best dishes are probably the chicken curry and tempura prawn. The rest are so so. They do have a current promotion of 15% off for 1st and 21st birthdays.



catered food


3) Vegetarian Food

We ordered some veg food to cater to our guests who are vegetarians. The food is from Simple Food – a fusion vegetarian food outlet. The photos don’t quite do justice to the quality of the food. But probably a better idea will be to eat them while hot or do a full-on vegetarian food catering next time!


veg food


4) Entertainment

Not much. Had wanted to plan some games for the little ones but was too lazy to plan. 😛

So, we bought bubbles for the kids (and older folks too!). Well, it was entertaining for the brief duration while the bubbles lasted. 🙂




Overall it was good to catch up with old friends and relatives. Wished I had more time to chat with everyone though. Till the next year’s birthday! 🙂



Baby Dedication



“Let all men know by this that

Ethen Chen Xi En

has been dedicated to the Lord on August 1, 2010 by Reverend Kong Hee”




Xi En’s baby dedication happened a day after his birthday celebration! He missed the first one this year and so got to do this on CHC’s 21st anniversary! 🙂 Technically, he was prayed upon by Pastor Steven but on paper it is by Reverend Kong Hee. Nonetheless, all anointed men of God! 🙂

xi en baby dedication 2010

Xi En was a really good boy (probably ‘cos he had a nap before that!) and totally took in the scene on the stage. Our friend, Gen, managed to take a photo from the balcony (though there was a pole obstructing the photo, it was still good)!  

xi en's dedication

We pray that Xi En will turn out to be a man of God, full of wisdom and strength to do God’s work and fulfill his destiny! 🙂 🙂