My fellow comrade – Mdm Tan – came visiting last week with the her family and boy – Yuan Hao. Our families shared a story with many similarities and thus it felt like a big reunion when we “reunite” again. This time round, the setting is different. Instead of lying down and talking across our hospital beds; we were sitting at our dinning table, sharing baby stories and carrying our “trophies” victoriously. 🙂 Both our sons are growing healthily and had came a long way from their low birth weights.


It was definitely a happy sight; one that we were hoping to see ever since our encounter at KKH some 7 to 8 months back! Mdm Tan was so sweet and excited that she bought 2 new identical rompers for our boys. Photo-taking is definitely a must for this “historical and special” day. Poor boys – Hao and Xi En – were so sleepy but we still changed them into the rompers and embarked on our photo taking session.


Some moments of the day:




hao & xi en 2

Xi En on the left and Hao on the right (getting restless)



hao & xi en1

Hao dozing off.. come on turn your head to the center

hao & xi en 3

why are you forcing me to take a photo?! Wahhhha!!!!!!!!!

Xi En & Yuan Hao 1

Hao is now on the left and Xi En is on the right. Not much help though! haa.. 🙂

xi en & yuan hao 3

Xi En: Hao, don't cry already. So loud - must cover my ears. Hao: Whaaa!! I don't want! Whaaa!!

xi en & yuan hao 4

Xi En: Now that's a good boy, Hao. 🙂 Hao: Hee.. as long as I have my pacificer, you can do whatever you want. 😉

xi en & hao 6

Finally - one good shot of the boys holding hands!

xi en & yuan hao 5

side profiles

xi en & yuan hao 6

Ok. That's enough. We wanna sleep!

We also had some group photos:



group photo 2

the mummies ("swapping" sons)

group photo 3

the mummies with the "right" sons now. 🙂

group photo 4

the grannies

group photo 1

One group photo to end the day

Indeed it was good to see Mdm Tan and her family/son  again. It was really a nostalgic feeling; recalling how we braved the complications together; sharing stories of how many blood tests we both have to do per week, how many scans, how many ctg readings, how high are our amniotic fluid,which doctors are better and etc etc etc… Not forgetting how we shared durians in an attempt to increase our babies’ weight too! God is good to us both! 🙂



Eco babyware

Auntie Jav bought some really expensive & Eco friendly diapers & wipes for xi en recently when she came visiting. 🙂

It is made of biodegradable material.. And corn is one of the material! Hmm.. Wonder if baby’s poo will smell like corn now.. Haa.. 😀

eco-friendly diapers & wipes

Auntie Jav + Xi En

Back to work

It has been a while since I last blogged. Just returned to work one week back… thus explaining the absence from the blogging scene. Beside missing Xi En terribly first day back at work, missing part of his developments and growth gave me a sudden impulsive urge to quit too! But knowing that I don’t make a very good SAHM (stay-at-home-mum), I decided to continue as a FTWM (full-time-working-mum). Both are equally demanding in my opinion…. Anyway, some updates on Xi En.


1) He is starting to focus better on you; on faces and things in general:


looking at u

Looking cute and adorable. 🙂


2) He is loving his “chicken wings”!


Trying to find his fingers:

trying hard

trying to find his fingers



i got it

look mummy! I got it! yum yum yum!


Enjoying it:

llove my wings

l love my "wings"!


3) Xi En also had his first 6-in-1 immunization jab. Came down with a fever the next morning. Poor boy; He didn’t have much appetite and was in a very tired mood. We sponged him (he didn’t like it), gave him medication and took his temperature every hour (a little paranoid, yes). Thank God, all went well and his fever subsided within a few days. 🙂


sponging bb

sponging baby





up and about

looking good and happy once again!

 That’s all the updates for now.. till I find more time to write. 😉