My Acupuncture Experience

Because of my freak accident, I suffered a very bad strain on my lower back. Western medicine only consist of painkillers which isn’t a long term solution in my opinion. As such, I decided to try out Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Decided to go for acupuncture as recommended by my aunt. Admittedly, I was rather nervous about during my first acupuncture experience. The thought of having needles going through my flesh… hmm.. not exactly fun,huh? Many told me, it is just like an “ant bite”. I was wondering, how does an ant bite feel? I haven’t been bitten by an ant before; saved those red fiery ants’ which are really painful! I certainly hope it isn’t like an “ant bite”!


Conclusion, the physician was rather professional/quick and the needles were “poked” through my pain within minutes. What I didn’t know is that she wanted to add on electric current to the needles! So, there I laid on the treatment bed, with several needles and electric current flowing through them! You bet, I didn’t dare to move an inch till the whole treatment is over!


Nevertheless, the results proved to be satisfactory, I have since went back for 2 more sessions of acupuncture. Accordingly to the physician, the injured area can never be back to its previous form; but it is at least 90% there. 🙂 Try acupuncture if you do have some sprains/chronic pain. It works and trust me – it is just like an “ant bite”! 😛








Poor boy, when we were cutting his fingernails, the thumb got into the way and .. OUCH!! This happened not once but twice – on the same thumb furthermore! 😦

Can someone tell me how not to end up like that?


plaster on thumb



Is he ok?

That is the question I had been asked ever since Ethen came home. Well… I will always say “yes” – he is ok. 🙂

He looks perfectly normal and behaves just like a new born baby; fussing for milk when he is hungry, crying when he wants his diapers changed and whining when he wants a cuddle.

When Ethen was born, his primary diagnoses are one A4 page long. He had almost every imaginable problems a preemie could have. Thank God when he was discharged, the remaining existing conditions went down to 1/3 A4 page. 🙂 However, he is still battling with a few issues – e.g, a small hole in the heart and grade 1 IVH. – just to name a few. He is also on vitamins, iron and protein on every other feeds.

vitamins n etc

extra goodies with milk!


Ethen also has a long list of follow up appointments with KKH doctors – from the dietician to the ear doctor to the eye doctor to the physiotherapist to the heart doctor to the neonatologist – the list goes on…. Basically he will be officially“discharged” only when he is 8 years old according to KKH’s policy for preemies with VLBW (very low birth weight).

So – is he ok? Yes – ok to be home with us. 🙂 He just need extra TLC and time to grow out of his remaining issues. 🙂



I am 3.9kg and 52cm now! 🙂