Intraventricular Hemorrhage

A recent cranial scan showed that Ethen has Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH). IVH is bleeding into the ventricles of the brain. It is categorized into different grades of severity; grade I being mild and IV severe. Ethen’s bleeding is grade I (thank God).


IVH is most common in premature babies, especially very low birth weight babies weighing less than 1500grams (Ethen was 1270grams at birth). We are definitely very concerned about this but doctors did assure us that his is a mild case and should not lead to further complications. However it is not known how long the bleeding will last. Hopefully it will resolve by itself over time. For better understanding, please refer to this website.


Updates: Ethen is currently 2.47kg and feeding on 55ml per 3hourly. He is still learning the suck-breathe coordination and hopefully can finish more feeds on his own soon. Once he is able to do that, he can be off the nasogastic tube (the tube that goes through his nose directly to the stomach). Please continue to pray with us:

  • for the bleeding to cease (no further complications)
  • Ethen will be able to master feeding on his own soon (no choking and coughing during feeding; controlled breathing on his own)
  • for a clean bill of health so he can be discharged very soon
  • Ethen will grow up to be healthy and strong


ethen 2

Ethen waving Hullo!


praying hands

Learning to pray at a young age! 🙂



“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND”

2 Tim 1:7

SCN – Learning Centre for Preemies


Xi En had been transferred to another department of the SCN (Special Care Nursery)– the learning centre for preemies. Here, there are fewer nurses ratio to babies; I guessed it might be because the babies here are supposed to be more stable and ready to progress further. Anyway, we are happy that Xi En had moved on and is learning the “suck-breathe” coordination. He is currently on 5 minutes “training” every feed; but we witnessed that it really depends on whether the nurse on the duty is willing to spend quality time pacing him on. Thus, every time we are there, we make sure we are feeding him since we can definitely focus all the attention on him. Today is Kim’s turn:


Kim feeding Xi En

Mentioned earlier, Xi En can really make himself heard nowadays. See the evidence below:


Xi En crying



And immediately after we gave him the specially bought NUK pacifier:


xi n pacifier

Well.. whatever it takes to calm him down. 🙂

Bottle Feeding

As mentioned earlier, Xi En had started practising on bottle feeding for 5 mins every alternative feeds. His feeds had increased to 42ml per 3hourly instead of 2hourly. This is to get him used to a 3hourly feed when he is ready to come home; to make things easier for the parents. 🙂 The nurses told us he can really express his displeasure nowadays! When it is close to feeding time or when he is uncomfortable, he can really CRYYYYYY!!!! hahha.. We are actually quite pleased to hear that! This means that he is working his lungs well! 🙂


Also, his SpO2 level is much stable now as compared to before. His lung x-ray result didn’t show any abnormalities as well. PTL! 🙂 Right now, he is able to finish about 10ml to 12ml per feed before he gets really tired and dozes off.  Thereafter the nurses will pour the remaining feed through the feeding tube which they have channelled through the nose instead of previously through the mouth. This is to rid him of any blockages while he is trying to suckle.


Mummy had a go at feeding him too!; nurse was asking why my hands were shaking! Well.. first-time mum’s nerves right? 😛 Practice makes perfect, I gather. 🙂


feeding xi en




xi en 2